Outfluence, LLC

New Windsor,  MD 
United States
  • Booth: 806

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Outfluence leadership blends educators with entrepreneurs, small town American values and big city experiences.  The founders of our company bring 50 years of workplace history with the perspective of employees, independent contractors, managers, partners and owners.  We really have done it all and we have seen it all.  We know what it takes to start, we appreciate the pain of failure, and we know the glory of success.  Kay Betz, MBA is a co-founder of Outfluence.  Her background includes almost a quarter of a century as an educator and an equal amount of time as a businesswoman.  Al Betz, author of Outfluence, The Better Way to Influence, has enjoyed a successful 50-year business history.  They co-founded Outfluence 10 years ago when most people their age were opting to retire.  They wanted to share their knowledge with anyone eager to listen.  Visit Booth 806 and discover why they have never looked back and are excited about what the future holds.