Northern States Fishing Tools 905 Upgraded
10-Code, LLC 822
3andME Mobile Coffee Shop 200
A&A Engraving / Commemorative Firearms 1209
Abrasives, Inc. 401
Acuren Inspections Inc 817 Upgraded
Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. (AE2S) 609
Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. (AE2S) Bronze Sponsor
aeSolutions Bronze Sponsor
Albertson Consulting Inc 410
Alkane Midstream 11
Alkane Midstream 921 Upgraded
Allstate Peterbilt Group 106
Altec Cranes 825
Altus Intervention 809
American Engineering Testing, Inc. 816
Apache Industrial Services 117
Apex Industrial Solutions 203
Aptim 403
Atlas Copco 6
AVI Rocky Mountain LLC 924
Badger Consulting 217
Bakken Gold Sponsor Bakken Gold Sponsor
Bakken Now Sponsor Bakken Now Sponsor
Bakken Oil Business Journal 310
Bakken Oil Business Journal Media Partner
Baranko Bros., Inc. 708
Baranko Services 12
Barr Engineering Co. Silver Sponsor
Bartlett & West Silver Sponsor
Basin Safety Consulting 307
Beabout Brock Easley 801
Beaver Creek Archaeology 1025
Bilfinger Westcon 724
Bilfinger Westcon Bronze Sponsor
Bismarck State College 707
Bismarck State College Platinum Sponsor
Bismarck Tribune Diamond Sponsor
Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau Chamber | EDC 504
Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau Chamber | EDC Bakken Now Sponsor
Bison Engineering Inc. 424
Border States Electric 812
Borsheim Crane Service 811
BOS Solutions Inc. 300
Bronze Sponsor Bronze Sponsor
Buckhorn Waste Services Bronze Sponsor
Burns and McDonnell Silver Sponsor
Carlson McCain, Inc 1020
Caterpillar 1006
Caterpillar Bakken Gold Sponsor
CCI Industrial Services 819
CCI Industrial Services 819
Chief Environmental 416
Chief Oilfield Services LLC 204
Circle B Measurement 610
City of Dickinson 721
City of Williston 709
C-MOR Energy Services 102
Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation 903
ColdStream Energy Bronze Sponsor
ConocoPhillips Bakken Now Sponsor
Consolidated Construction Co., Inc. 500
Continental Resources 604
Continental Resources Bakken Now Sponsor
Creedence Energy Services LLC 415
Creedence Energy Services LLC Diamond Sponsor
Crestwood Midstream Partners Platinum Sponsor
Critical Fluid Solutions 219
Crowley Fleck Silver Sponsor
Crusoe Energy Systems 1015
CTEH 908
Cudd Pressure Control 611
D3 Inspection, LLC Silver Sponsor
Dakota Dirt Work, LLC 406
Dakota Supply Group 700
Denbury Inc. Platinum Sponsor
DEPA (Domestic Energy Producers Alliance) 821
Department of Mineral Resources 1203
Diamond B Technology Solutions, LLC 1213 Upgraded
Diamond Sponsor Diamond Sponsor
Diamond truck equipment 601
DNOW L.P. 1014
Double EE Service 1210
Dragon Jacket Insulation 404 Upgraded
DSS Valves 302
Duncan Co./Yokogawa Corporation of America 313 Upgraded
Dyna-Flo Control Valve Services 302
EcoPoint, Inc. 101
EcoVapor Recovery Systems 120
Eide Bailly LLP 511
Elite Petroleum Technologies 220
Emerson/Novaspect 211 Upgraded
Enable Midstream Partners LLC Bronze Sponsor
Enbridge Bronze Sponsor
Energy & Environmental Research Center 210
Energy Chaser 814
Energy Chaser Media Partner
Enerplus Resources Platinum Sponsor
Evolution Completions & Odessa Separator 214
Farm Rescue 510
Farstad oil 515
Fiberglass Specialties 408
Fiberglass Structures Inc 916
FieldWise OFS 603
First International Bank & Trust 1005
First International Bank & Trust Bakken Gold Sponsor
Flag Family Media 1205
Flatirons Field Services Platinum Sponsor
FlexSteel Pipeline Technologies Bakken Now Sponsor
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Platinum Sponsor
G&G Garbage 810 Upgraded
Gateway to Science 824
Generac Mobile 9 Upgraded
Getty Box Gizmo 1115
GlenGuard 311
GO Wireline, LLC 706
Go Wireline, LLC Bakken Gold Sponsor
Goodnight Midstream Diamond Sponsor
Graco Inc. 820
Grayson Mill Energy, LLC Platinum Sponsor
Grid Electrical 406
GTUIT, LLC Bronze Sponsor
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Platinum Sponsor
Hawk Measurement 302
Hess Corporation Bakken Now Sponsor
Hope's Landing 323
I.Keating Furniture World Diamond Sponsor
IADC - International Association of Drilling Contractors 425
Imperial Oil of North Dakota, Inc. Platinum Sponsor
InDemand Industrial Services 514 Upgraded
Industrial Contractors 714
Industrial Piping Specialists 623
Industrial Service Solutions 306
INGU 321
Ingu Solutions Inc. Diamond Sponsor
Insight Environmental INC 909 Upgraded
iPIPE - EERC 209
ISightRPV Services 216
Jasper Engineering & Equipment Co. 302
J-W Power Company Platinum Sponsor
Keitu Engineers & Consultants, Inc. 1114
KLJ Bakken Now Sponsor
KLJ Engineering 506 Upgraded
KLX Energy Services 1007
KLX Energy Services Diamond Sponsor
Kraken Oil & Gas Platinum Sponsor
KROHNE, Inc. 703
Kureha Energy Solutions LLC 521 Upgraded
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LaCoste Consulting, LLC 713 Upgraded
Lasen, Inc 508
Legacy Building Solutions 105
Liuna North Dakota 1
Liuna North Dakota 405
Liuna North Dakota Bakken Now Sponsor
Lobo Logistics LLC 207
Lufkin Industries 4
Macurco Gas Detection 915
MAP Mechanical Contractors Inc. 513
Marathon Oil 305
Marathon Oil Bakken Gold Sponsor
Marathon Petroleum Company Platinum Sponsor
Martin Construction Inc. 223
Matrix Service 1022
McCody Concrete Products, Inc. 922
Media Partner Media Partner
Mercer Valve Co., Inc 302
Merjent 516
Merjent Bronze Sponsor
Mesquite Technologies LLC 704
Minnesota Limited, LLC 325
Minot Area Chamber EDC 512
Minot Area Chamber EDC Platinum Sponsor
Mountain Plains LLC 808
Mule Deer Foundation 823
MW Industries, Inc. 1023
Nabors Drilling Technologies USA, Inc. 1000
Nabors Drilling Technologies USA, Inc. Diamond Sponsor
ND&T SERVICES Silver Sponsor
NDPC Media Booth 320
NESET Platinum Sponsor
Newkota Services and Rentals LLC 5
Newkota Services and Rentals LLC 1105
Newkota Services and Rentals LLC Bakken Gold Sponsor
NexTier 1103
Nodak Oilfield Services Platinum Sponsor
North Dakota Community Foundation 208
North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality 122
North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department 110
North Dakota Safety Council 1215
North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance 315
Northern Pump 1013
Northern States Fishing Tools 905 Upgraded
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Noshok Measurement 302
NOV 807
Nova Energy LLC 414
Nuverra/Power Fuels 1017
Oasis Petroleum, LLC 705
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Oil Patch Hotline Media Partner
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On the Water 224
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Outrigger Energy II, LLC Platinum Sponsor
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Pearce Durick PLLC Bronze Sponsor
Pedigree Technologies LLC 1001 Upgraded
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Petrolab Company 1208 Upgraded
Phoenix Heating Solutions 206 Upgraded
Pioneer Liners and Trenching INC 308
Platinum Measurement 725
Platinum Sponsor Platinum Sponsor
Power Controls, Inc. 503
Protect North Dakota’s Constitution 104
Rad Pros 917
RDO Equipment Comany 805
Recovery Reinvented 309
Refinery Specialties Inc 322
Refinery Specialties Inc Silver Sponsor
REL, Inc. 813
RelyOn Nutec 118
Renegade Services Bronze Sponsor
Rock Solid Express 602
Rossco Crane & Rigging, Inc. 1104
Rust Automation & Controls Inc 124 Upgraded
SandPro, LLC 13
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SignalFire Wireless Telemetry 301 Upgraded
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Stealth Energy Group LLC 910 Upgraded
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Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton 123
SWAT Consulting Inc. 423 Upgraded
Syndicate Energy Services 10
Tamarack Industries 8
TCI Business Capital 316 Upgraded
Tenaris 1004
The Cavins Corporation 115
The Crude Life 911
Thru Tubing Solutions 624
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Torque Transportation 1200
TrainND Northwest 1212
Trinity Health Foundation 1010
Troutman Welding & Fabricaiton, Inc Bronze Sponsor
Truckers Against Trafficking 108
TrueNorth Steel 614
Twin Falls Oil Service LLC 717
Twin Falls Oil Service LLC Bronze Sponsor
UND College of Engineering & Mines 1201
United Electric Controls 302
University of Mary 324
US Rod Company 422
Valence Natural Gas Solutions 715
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Victaulic 523
Vision Zero 109
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WBI Energy, Inc. 720
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Western ProLine 417
Western Region Economic Development 608 Upgraded
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Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation Platinum Sponsor
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