EOX Vantage 3300 Upgraded
2i Solutions, Inc. 2088
A Taylor Media 1462-LC
AARP 1922
Abbott Laboratories, Inc. 2071
ABCD & Company 3007-LC
Accede Solutions, Inc 1774-LC
Accenture LLP 2023
Accurate C&S Services, Inc. (Accurate Screens) 1783-LC
Acro Service Corporation (Corporate Plus®) 1444-LC Upgraded
ActOne Group (Corporate Plus®), The 1351
Adecco USA, Inc. 2178-LC
Adient 1000-LC
ADP 1525-LC
Advancio, Inc. 3100
Advantage Capital/Empower the Change 1927
Aerostar Manufacturing 2169-LC
AH Group 2051
Alcon 2084-LC
Alisto Engineering Group 2155-LC
Allegis Global Solutions 2182-LC Upgraded
Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1439-LC
Altura Capital 1038-LC
Amazon Land 1539
American Express Company 1034
American Family Mutual Insurance Company 923-LC
AmmMm, Inc. 1778-LC
Ampcus, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1719
Andersen Corporation 3402
Aon Service Corporation 1024
Apple, Inc. 1817
ARCO Design Build 1456
ARD Logistics, LLC | GAA Solutions 1972
Ariel Investments 1039
Arkview Capital, L.P. 3202
Arthur Grand Technologies, Inc. 3303
Astyra Corporation (Corporate Plus®) 1434
Atlanta Life Insurance Company 917-LC
Atrium Health 2068
Attronica Computers, Inc 1983-LC
Azad Technology Partners 1978-LC Upgraded
Bamba Foods, Inc. 1569
Bank of America Corporation 1240
Barclays PLC 1247-LC
Baxter Healthcare Corporation 1962
Bay Corrugated Container, Inc. 1129
Bayer Corporation 1959
BCforward 1339
Beam Suntory 1765
BeyGOOD 2003
BiTHGROUP Technologies 927-LC
BKW Transformation Group 816-LC
Blink Marketing Inc 3305 Upgraded
Blk & Bold, LLC 1559
BMW North America, LLC 1111
Boeing Company, The 1004
Boston Scientific Corporation 2070
BP America, Inc. 2036
Brinker 3307 Upgraded
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 1947
Building Your Dreams, LLC 2072
Business Consortium Fund, Inc. 3200
C.J. Maintenance, Inc. 805-LC
Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council 1688-LC
Canviiy 2128-LC
Capital Energy Solutions, Inc. 2153-LC
Capital One 1727
Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council 504
Caracal Products & Services 1327 Upgraded
Cargill, Inc. 1770
Caterpillar Inc. 1029
CBRE Group, Inc. 916-LC
CE North America 1980-LC
Centene Corporation 1956
CenterPoint Energy, Inc. 1935-LC
CenterPoint Group LLC 928-LC
Centuri Group, Inc. 1937
Charter Communications 1790
CHEP International, Inc. 1628-LC
Chevron 1941
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP 1633-LC Upgraded
Choctaw-Kaul Distribution Co. 2190-LC
CIGNA Corporation 1961
Citigroup Inc. 1238
City of Atlanta, Department of Procurement 1860
City of Baltimore - Mayor's Office 2029-LC
Coca-Cola Company 1921
Collabera, LLC (Corporate Plus®) 1440-LC
Compass, North America Division 1571-LC
Constellation Energy 3401
Corning Cable Systems 904-LC
Corporate Plus Lounge - Sponsored by LanceSoft, Inc. 1445
Cox Enterprises, Inc. 1404-LC
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. 1241
CVS Health 2057
Dakkota Integrated Systems, LLC 1020
DataCom Solutions, Inc 3302
Day & Zimmermann Group, Inc. 2085-LC
Dell Inc. 1926
Department of Transportation 3005-LC
Dexcom, Inc. 2062
DGN Technologies 1885-LC
DICCI: Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1685-LC
Discover 1145
Diverse Mortgage Services, LLC 822-LC
Diversified Maintenance 2093
Diversified Protection Corporation 1127
Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) 1887 Upgraded
Diversity Professional 3102
DiversityComm, Inc. 3204
DiversityPlus Magazine 3206
Dominion Energy 1938
Dow 3115
DSA Signage 907-LC
DTE Energy Company 1837
DuPont 2039
Dynamic Language Center 1402-LC
Eaton Corporation 1843
Eclaro International (Corporate Plus®) 1429
Element Fleet Management 1016
Employvision, Inc. 2184-LC
ENG Infotech Corp. 1986 Upgraded
EnterForce, Inc. 1859
Entergy Corporation 1834-LC
Environmental Service Systems (Corporate Plus®) 1446-LC
EOX Vantage 3300 Upgraded
Ericsson Inc. 1878-LC
Ernst & Young 1527-LC
Etajoule, LLC 3414-LC
EWIE Company, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1610-LC
Exelon Corporation 2143-LC
Export Import Bank of the U.S. 1757
EYE Program Cohorts 2193-LC
F. Gavina & Sons, Inc. 1567
Fannie Mae 1246
FastKit Corp. 3104
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1248-LC
Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA 1871
Federal Reserve System 1359-LC
Fifth Third Bank 1251-LC
Financial & Realty Services, LLC 1149-LC
First Nations Pallet Solutions LLC 3404
FirstEnergy Corp 1932-LC
Firstline Incorporated 1683-LC Upgraded
Flower City/Panther Solutions LLC 1823
Focalcxm LLC 2180-LC
Ford Motor Company 1009
Franklin Graphics 3400
Freddie Mac 1879-LC
Futran Solutions, Inc 1863
General Motors Company, LLC 1003
Gilead Sciences 1624-LC
GlowTouch LLC 3306 Upgraded
Gold House 3111
Goldman, Sachs & Company 1144-LC
Google, Inc. 1891
Greaves Travel LLC 3406 Upgraded
GSK 2163-LC
Harley-Davidson Motor Company 1321
Harris & Ford, LLC (Corporate Plus®) 1441-LC
Heritage Vision Plans, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1345-LC
Hightowers Petroleum Co. (Corporate Plus®) 1611
Hilton 915-LC
Hire IT People, Inc. 1987 Upgraded
HireGenics, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1548
Homage Exhibit, LLC 1886 Upgraded
Honda 1119
HSP, Inc. 1255-LC
IBEX IT Business Experts (IBEX) 1979-LC Upgraded
IDEAL Electrical Supply Corporation (Corporate Plus®) 1453
IMB Partners (Corporate Plus®) 1627
Indotronix International Corp. (Corporate Plus®) 1460-LC, 1469-LC
Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) 913-LC
Innova Solutions 1552
Inpax Shipping Solutions, Inc 2045
Institute for Supply Management™ 3212
Integrated Packaging Corporation dba Detroit Box Company 1786
Integrity National Corporation 1775-LC
Intellipro Group, Inc. 905-LC
Inter-Con Security Systems, Inc. (Corporate Plus ®) 1528
International Business Machines Corporation 1905-LC
Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (iti) 2087
intiGrow 1867
Iuvo Systems Inc. 2186-LC
Jacmel Growth Partners 3107
John Deere 1221
Johnson & Johnson 2063
Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc. 929-LC
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 1233
Just For Teens LLC 1679-LC
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. 1965
Kellanova 1669
Kelly Services, Inc. 2092
KNOCK, Inc. 903-LC
KNZ Solutions Inc. 1303-LC
Kohl's 1566-LC
Kroger Company, The 1670
LanceSoft, Inc. 1354-LC
Lazer Logistics 2009
Lear Corporation 1227
Lendistry 826-LC
Liberty Mutual Insurance 1012
LM Manufacturing, LLC 1970
Local Initiative Support Corporation 2075-LC
Lord & Mitchell, Inc. 1991 Upgraded
LSInextGen (Corporate Plus®) 1425
M&T Bank 1139
Macy's, Inc. 1517-LC
Magno International 1984-LC
Mahogany, Inc. 2083-LC
Marathon Petroleum Corporation, LP 1933-LC
MassMutual 1346-LC
Mastercard 1234
Mays Chemical Company, Inc. - (Corporate Plus®) 1435-LC
MED Week VR Powered by Meta 1739 Upgraded
Medtronic, Inc. 1957
Merck 1849 Upgraded
Mesa Electronics, Inc. 2074-LC
MGM Resorts International 1873
Millennium Group of Delaware, Inc., The (Corporate Plus®) 1333
MillerKnoll 1463
Milliken & Company 2108-LC
Minority Business Development Agency 1747
Minority Business News USA 3201
Minority Supplier Development - UK 1690-LC
Minority Supplier Development-China 1684-LC
Mohr Partners (Corporate Plus®) 1411
Mondelēz International, Inc. 1673
Morgan State University 1973
MPS Group, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1452
Naka Technologies LLC 812-LC
National ACE 3109
National Credit Union Administration 935-LC
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) 2004-LC
National Material L.P. 804-LC
National Veterans Business Development Council 3207
Navistar, Inc. 1211
NaVOBA 3113
Net2Source, Inc. 1911
NiSource Inc. 1934-LC
Nissan North America, Inc. 1019
NLB Services (Corporate Plus®) 1347-LC
NMSDC Headshot Lounge 3411
Northrop Grumman Corporation 1733-LC
Nous Infosystems, Inc. 2086
Noxigen LLC 807-LC
oneKIN 3501-LC
Ongweoweh Corporation (Corporate Plus®) 1450
OpConnect, LLC 2081-LC Upgraded
Orca Intelligence 2090
Organon, LLC 1966
Outworx Group 1829-LC
Oxidizers Inc. 1907-LC
Pacific Gas and Electric Company 1833-LC
Paramount 801-LC
PatientWing 2167-LC
PCG Consulting Group 901-LC
Pegbo Inc 1981-LC
Penn Entertainment 1620-LC
PeoplePlus Software, LLC. 823-LC
PepsiCo, Inc. 1663
PetroCard, Inc 1832-LC
Pfizer Inc 2056
Pierce Powerline 2151-LC
Pinnacle Group (Corporate Plus ®) 1532-LC
PNC Financial Services Group 1352-LC
Populus Group (Corporate Plus ®) 1437-LC
Postal Center International 2157-LC Upgraded
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP 1244
Principal Financial Group 1143
Proactiviti 1784-LC
Procter & Gamble Company 2011
Proftech LLC 3309
Prologis 800-LC
Proven Management 3003-LC
Quanta Services, Inc. 1737
Qurate Retail Group 1465-LC
RBC Royal Bank of Canada 1250-LC
Republica Havas (Corporate Plus®) 1565
Rickman Enterprise Group LLC 1307-LC
Ricoh USA, Inc. 818-LC
Roads Consulting Group 3308
Roane's Rigging & Transfer Co., Inc 817-LC Upgraded
Robert Half International, Inc. 922-LC
Rose International, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1524
RTX 1612-LC
S&C Electric Company 819-LC
Sagiliti (Corporate Plus ®) 1442-LC
Sandia National Laboratories 2078-LC
SB & Company, LLC 1022
SBM Management Services, LP (Corporate Plus®) 1451
SDAC 3315
SDI Presence, LLC (Corporate Plus®) 1433
SearchPros 813-LC
Sedgwick 1869
Select Source International (Corporate Plus®) 1432
Sensis 2079-LC
Shankar Distillers, LLC 1883-LC
Share Tech Solutions 1772
Shell USA 2033-LC
SHI International Corp, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1447
Shine Electronics Co. (Corporate Plus®) 1448
Sivad PPE, LLC 1406-LC
Six Consulting, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1436
Slater Infrastructure Group, LLC 1993
Sodexo, Inc. 1671
Solo Printing, Inc. 2091
SourceAmerica 2149-LC
South African Supplier Diversity Council 1687-LC
South Coast Paper, LLC (Corporate Plus®) 1343-LC
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative 1861
Staffing Synergies, Inc. 3101
Staples Inc. 1457
Star Power Events 811-LC
State Street Corporation 1135
Stellantis 1103
Stradit 1872
Stryker Corporation 2060
Summit Packaging Solutions (Corporate Plus®) 1438-LC
Superior Maintenance Company (Corporate Plus®) 1536-LC
supplier.io 1787
Supply Nation 1686-LC
SW Sustainability Solutions, Inc. 824-LC
Synchrony 937-LC
Synergy Computer Solutions, Inc. 2082-LC
Sysco 1658
System Soft Technologies 3001-LC
Systemart, LLC 2080-LC
Systems Electro Coating, LLC 1780-LC
T. Rowe Price 1239
Talent Fusion 1546
Target Corporation 1419
TE Connectivity 1337
tech:SCALE 1791
Technology Concepts Group Int'l., LLC 910-LC
TechStar Consulting, Inc. 1975-LC Upgraded
Telamon Corporation (Corporate Plus®) 1349-LC
The ODP Corp - Office Depot 1521-LC
The Panther Group 1857
Third Option Solutions, LLC 2188-LC
Thompson Hospitality Services (Corporate Plus®) 1573-LC
TJX Companies, Inc., The 1562
Tough Leaf 2089
Toyota Motor North America 1203
Trane Technologies 1511-LC
Tri-Force Consulting Services, Inc. 3304 Upgraded
Truist 1340
Tyson Foods, Inc. 1768
U.S. Bank 1338
U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. 3211 Upgraded
U.S. Cellular 1880-LC
U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Commercial Service 1773
U.S. Department of Homeland Security 1681-LC
U.S. Department of the Interior 1856
U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 3214-LC
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission 1761
U.S. Small Business Administration 1759
Ulta Beauty 1570-LC
UNFI (formerly SUPERVALU, Inc.) 1674-LC
Unilever (Ben & Jerry's, Sundial) 1664
United Airlines, Inc. 1008
United Parcel Service, Inc. 1779-LC
United Rentals, Inc. 3408
United States Postal Service 3313
UnitedHealth Group Inc. 1969
US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation 3203
V Group, Inc. 3106
V2SOFT, Inc. 1881-LC
VDart Inc. - (Corporate Plus®) 1703
Venus Consultancy 1989 Upgraded
Veolia Water North America 1936
Verizon Communications, Inc. 1002
Veterans Owned Roundtable 1305-LC
Victoria's Secret & Co. 1467-LC
Vistra Corp 1835-LC
Viva USA, Inc. 1874-LC
Vizient 1968
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. 1311
Volt Consulting Group 1550
Volvo/Mack Truck 1226
VXI Global Solutions, LLC 3110
Walgreens Co. 2064
Walker SCM (WIT Logistics) (Corporate Plus®) 1544
Walmart, Inc. 1657
Washington University in St. Louis 1882-LC
WBEC South 3208
Wells Fargo & Company 1033
Wells Technology Inc. 911-LC
Windward Engineers & Consultants, LLC 3301
Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)) 3210
Workspend 3311
World Wide Technology, Inc. (Corporate Plus®) 1811
Worldcom Exchange, Inc. 810-LC
WSSC Water 1858
Xyicon 1357
Yanfeng Global Automotive Interiors 1228
Young Management & Consulting 3410
Z Promotions 2192-LC
Zones, LLC (Corporate Plus®) 1619
Zucker Feather Productions - Arkansas Valley Feather 3103