Fukuoka,  FUKUOKA 
  • Booth: 432

Last October, WiseChip Semiconductor, Taiwan-based PMOLED display solutions provider, launched a yellow PMOLED display that uses Hyperfluorescence™ technology by Kyulux. This is the world’s first commercial product using Hyperfluorescence™ emitter system.

Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence (TADF) is the next generation of OLED emission technology which enables 100% efficient emission without using iridium. Hyperfluorescence™ combines TADF and fluorescence to provide the ultimate solution for OLED that enables all requirement for a display, full RGB color, 100% IQE, and pure narrow spectrum color. Kyulux, Inc. accelerates the development of TADF materials using AI technology licensed from Harvard University. Kyulux expects that Hyperfluorescence™ will also contribute the commercialization for the next generation full color AMOLED applications.

Brands: Kyulux, Inc., TADF, Hyperfluorescence™

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