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Low Refractive Index & Super Flexible Hard Coating

9H UV Curable Hard Coating for Film

SFH series are UV curable siloxane and designed for super flexible hard coating. The SFH series is formulated for flexible display requiring 9H surface hardness with 1R inner and 10R outer flexibility. The SFH series has a UV curable siloxane chemical backbone structure that show super flexibility even with 9H pencil hardness

Low Refractive UV Curable Hard Coating

SFH have low refractive index UV curable hard coating series, useful for ultra-high transmittance film manufacturing. It has the same 3H pensile hardness like conventional hard coating, but the refractive index can be lower down to 1.417. 

Super Low Refractive UV Curable Coating for Display

SFH-LC series are products having the lowest commercially available refractive index 1.33 with most cost effectiveness in the optical film materials market. The SFH-LC series is a UV curable fluoro-acrylate useful for optical film application. The applications of SFH-LC are constructing of improved glass light guide, auto-stereoscopic 3D displays and OLED.

Brands: SFH : 9H Super Flexible UV Curable Hard Coatings PC : Low Refractive Index UV Curable Resins OA : Low Refractive Index UV Curable Optical Adhesives

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