Santa Clara,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1120

Silvaco: The TCAD-to-Signoff solution for Display design

Silvaco’s product suite is used for design of TFT LCD and OLED displays. Almost all manufacturers of displays use Silvaco for design and most are in high-volume manufacturing. For TFT design there is full support for amorphous silicon (a-Si), p-Si, a-IGZO and organic TFT processes; and for active matrix OLED and LCD design.

Silvaco has a complete flow from TCAD-to-Signoff for TFT design. The device characteristics that TCAD produces can be used for a first level of analysis and then special SPICE compact models such as RPI for a-Si TFT or UOTFT for organic and oxide TFTs can be created. A 3D field-solver for pixel RC extraction is required to meet performance specification. Extraction of interconnect RC is also available. Because displays are large, simulation capacity is very important. FastSPICE software is available and can handle the largest display analysis including Display hysteresis., Silvaco can handle full-panel layout of the largest displays, with high performance editing.

Brands: 3D: Victory Process / Mesh / Device; 2D: Athena + SSuprem 4 / MC Implant / Optolith; Atlas 2D Device; DeckBuild; MaskViews; TonyPlot; TonyPlot 3D; DevEdit; Virtual Wafer Fab; Atlas; Clever; UTMOST IV

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