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ELDIM is a world leader in optical measurement equipment, as well as a viewing angle analysis expert with thirty years of experience. The company is focusing on providing innovative photometric and colorimetric equipment. With a strong R&D capability, ELDIM developed innovative viewing angle devices. Based on the Optical Fourier Technology, ELDIM equipment are accurate, fast and reliable.

Our equipment are used for:

  • R&D
  • Mass production/QC
  •  test or certification labs purposes

For all FPD, mobiles, laptops, TVs, AR/VR, LED Walls, Projectors, paints, cosmetics and for innovative & mature technologies such as VCSEL, flash Lidar, LIDAR for automotive application (self-driving cars) as well as for facial recognition for mobile phone application for example.

We can help in measuring all kind of sample to strengthen your market success. 


Eldim technology
Optical Fourier Technology
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