Enkris Semiconductor Inc.

Suzhou,  Jiangsu 
  • Booth: 210

Enkris Semiconductor Inc. is committed to developing high quality GaN epi-wafers for power electronics, RF and Micro-LED applications.

GaN-on-Si technology has been considered as the best choice of GaN power electronics as it leverages the device performance and the manufacturing cost. The success of GaN epitaxy on large size Silicon substrate promises remarkable cost reduction and possibility of mass production based on CMOS-compatible technology. Enkris Semiconductor Inc. achieved tremendous progress in this technology. In 2014, Enkris Semiconductor Inc. had successfully demonstrated high voltage Gallium Nitride HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) structures on 200mm Silicon. This innovation paved the way for the whole industry's commercialization and scalability.

Up to now, Enkris Semiconductor Inc. product family includes GaN-on-Silicon, GaN-on-SiC, GaN-on-Sapphire and GaN-on-GaN epi wafers with varied sizes. Enkris Semiconductor Inc's GaN on Si and Sapphire wafers for Micro LED have excellent crystalline and low dislocation density. Enkris' HEMT wafers have been optimized with extremely low buffer leakage and low buffer traps.

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