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1. Extensive hardware and adjustable current range optimized for sample characteristics

2. Lifetime Test

1) Long-Term Test under Different Test Conditions (Temperature or Humidity)

2) Multi-Channel Experiment and Individual Test by Each Channel

3) Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV), Pulsed Current (PC), Pulsed Voltage (PV), Pulsed Current/Voltage (PCV)

3. I-V-L Test

1) Luminance Analysis through Electroluminescence (EL)

2) Multi/Single Channel Experiment and Individual Test by Each Channel

3) I-V-L One-Shot, I-V-L Sweep, CIE Color Analysis, EL Efficiency, CRI, Viewing Angle (θ View)

4. Spectroradiometer & Colorimeter

1) Image view and save function from PC Software by embedding view finder camera

2) Low price and direct customer care service by McScience Self-Development

3) Simple operation with user desired recipe setting and sequence builder

4) Auto ND filter built-in for high luminance measurement

5) Compact design with portable size and light weight

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