The average attendance at Display Week is approximately 6,500-7,000 professionals. DisplayWeek is North America’s #1 event for companies that want to meet, connect and do business withthe growing display industry value chain. More display innovations are introduced year after year at Display Week than at any other display event in the world. Display Week is where the world got its first look at technologies that have shaped the display industry into what it is today; that is, liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, plasma display panel (PDP) technology, organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, and high definition TV, just to name a few. Display Week is also where emerging industry trends such as 3D, touch and interactivity, flexible and e-paper displays, solid state lighting, digital signage, and plastic electronics are brought to the forefront of the display industry. If your company is involved in any aspect of displays, including display electronics, components, systems, services, manufacturing equipment, or applications, Display Week 2020 is the place to garner worldwide recognition and grow your business on a global scale.

For more information please contact:

Jim Buckley (Americas/Europe Sales) at 203-502-8283 or

Sue Chung (Asia Sales) at (408) 489-9596 or

Each booth comes with the following items:

  • Hard back and side wall dividers (white): 8’ high in back, 3' high on sides (Linear booths only)
  • SID Corporate Members receive discount pricing on booth space

Rate Cycle

Gold Member

Silver Member

Corporate Member

Non Member


$1,500 discount (any booth size

$600 discount (any booth size

$200 discount (any booth size

$40 per sq. ft.

Early Bird (until Feb 3, 2020)

$1,500 discount (any booth size

$600 discount (any booth size

$200 discount (any booth size

$42 per sq.ft.

Regular (After Feb 3, 2020)

$1,500 discount (any booth size

$600 discount (any booth size

$200 discount (any booth size

$44 per sq. ft

  • Free or discounted technical event participation (individual membership is required):
    100-300 sq feet of booth space: One (1) complimentary Tuesday– Friday Symposium registration plus choice of (pick one): 1 complimentary registration for either one of the Sunday Short Courses, the Monday Seminars, or a $300 credit to the Business Conference, the Investors’ Conference or a Market Focus Conference.
    400-700 sq feet of booth space: Three (3) complimentary Tuesday– Friday Symposium registrations plus choice of: 3 complimentary registrations for either one of the Sunday Short Courses, the Monday Seminars, or a $300 credit to the Business Conference, the Investors’ Conference or a Market Focus Conference. (the three passes need not be for the same event, but each pass is only good for one of the events)
    800+ sq feet of booth space: Five (5) complimentary Tuesday– Friday Symposium registrations plus choice of: 5 complimentary registrations for either one of the Sunday Short Courses, the Monday Seminars, or a $300 credit to the Business Conference, the Investors’ Conference or a Market Focus Conference. (the five passes need not be for the same event, but each pass is only good for one of the events)
  • Complimentary exhibit hall only registration code for unlimited booth staff/personnel.
  • Complimentary exhibit hall only registration code unlimited for guests.
  • Organization listing and booth numbero n the live website Display Week floorplan
  • Organization listing, description, and booth number in official printed Display Week Exhibit and Product Guide
  • FREE Products on Displaylisting in the Show (May/June) issue of Information Display magazine, distributed to all attendees during Display Week.
  • An opportunity to present your products and services to attendees at the Exhibitors’ Forum. The format allows more detail than is often available at your booth.
  • Access to Display Week Press Room for press conferences and media interviews (fees apply).
  • An opportunity to nominate and for the People's Choice award.

For exhibit, sponsorship and promotional sales:

Jim Buckley, Americas/Europe Sales
Direct: 203-502-8283

Sue Chung, Asia Sales
Direct: (408) 489-9596

For all questions regarding invoicing, payment, billing, scheduling, sponsorship art requirements and over all exhibit hall logistics.

Danielle Rocco, Exhibit and Sponsor Sales Coordinator
Direct: (646) 226-7592

For general convention questions.

Sam Tola, Manager of Operations
Direct: 212-460-8090 x203

An exhibitor shall not permit any other person/company to booth-share. If you do Show Management has the right to remove your exhibit or have the other company sign their own exhibit agreement and purchase their own booth at that time.

Yes. Several key terms are listed below.

Drayage – Delivery of materials to your exhibit space after materials have been off loaded at the delivery dock; removal and storage of empty boxes and crates during the Convention; returning of boxes and crates at end of show to your booth space for you to pack up materials; delivery of those packed up materials to the carrier loading zone for shipping back to your home office.There is a fee for this mandatory service based on the weight of your freight. 

ShowDecorator – A company (contractor) providing services on site in theExhibit Hall for Display Week exhibitors through the service desk. Exhibitors also work with the Show Decorator through the Exhibit Service Kit to order booth furniture, carpeting,etc. For Display Week, the Show Decorator is GES Exposition.

Services Service Desk – Located in the Exhibit Hall and manned by the Show Decorator. The staff at the desk handles all in bound and out bound exhibit materials.They are available to answer questions and handle any exhibitor concerns.

Skid or Pallet – Wooden frame used as a plat form for objects or materials of significant weight that can be moved and transported by forklift.

Bill of Lading– Document that contains the terms between the shipper (exhibitor) and the transportation company for delivery of materials between specific points and for a predetermined charge.

Yes, Display Week exhibitors are able to rent private meeting rooms during the event. Each meeting room comes with a complimentary 1-foot x 2-foot sign with company name and room number. All large meeting rooms are 16’x18’ and include the following: 10-amp electric outlet, Conference table 96” x 42” x 29”, 12 padded side chairs, carpet, and a locked door.

All small meeting rooms are 10’x10’ and include the following: carpet, round table, 4 chairs, a locked door and 1-foot x 2-foot sign with company name and room number mounted next to the door. Small meeting room option is for exhibitors who only occupy 100-300 square feet of exhibit space.

Convention Center Meeting Rooms (non-exhibit hall): These rooms are available for two-hour (minimum) or (1) four-hour session. Four-hour daily session may be split into two separate two-hour sessions. Full day rentals are not available. Rental open to exhibitors and non-exhibitors. Table and chairs are provided. No electrical or AV available. Catering is not available in these rooms. Rooms are for meetings only, not presentations or seminars. Rooms and times will be reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Please contact a member of the sales team for more information.

The forum features scheduled presentations by Display Week 2020 exhibitors. It will be conducted very much like the ongoing Symposium of Technical Papers and will run concurrently with the exhibition. The forum can provide exhibitors with greater exposure to attendees who want to know more about your company’s goods and services.

Presentations can cover technology, products, services, as well as other issues. We ask that you include technical content to attract the widest attendance. We will group the presentations by subject matter and conduct the forum very much like the other technical sessions, with speaker introductions and a Q&A period as part of the 15-minute presentation. Exhibitors must submit the presentation title along with a 35-50 word description, as well as the name and full contact information of the presenter. Click here to submit your presentation.

Display Week will once again offer a “hard wall” system for all linear booths 10x10 through 10x30 booths in place of the standard pipe and drape. All the hard wall panels will be a solid white color to work more seamlessly as a background with your booth designs. The hard wall system provides a more high tech look for the show. There is no additional cost for this feature but it does allow you to order and secure shelving from GES should you choose this feature. See below for more information regarding the hard wall system.

Q. Does the booth come with shelves?

A. No, shelves do not come with the booth. You may order accessories (shelves) for the panels through GES.

Q. I would like to add graphics to the panels. What size are the panels?

A. 3' high sidewall panel dimensions are. Dimensions are per panel and there are 2 panels:

Inser Size 116 3/4" x 35 3/8"
Overlay Size 116 1/16" x 40"

8' high backwall panel dimensions are. Dimensions are per panel and there are 3 panels:

Insert Size 38 1/16" x 91 3/8"
Overlay Size A: 41 1/8" x 96"
B. 38 3/4" x 96"
C. 39 5/16" x 96"

Q: What do I need to know about adding graphics to my booth on the panels?

A.   You can use double sided tape or male/female Velcro to affix things like posters. The walls are NOT push pin compatible. You can order the shelves as well, or order full graphics panels from GES (or bring your own graphics of course). You can't do anything that would permanently damage the panels (i.e. hammer, nails or screws in the walls). You will be charged for any damage caused to the panels.

Q. I have a corner booth. Will there be a side panel on the corner aisle of my booth?

A. No, there will not be a panel on the corner aisle of your booth. Should you want it onsite, you can go to the ServiCentre and let them know. The panel will be put up at no charge

Q: Where will the electrical cords be located?   

A. The panels sit up off the floor a couple of inches so the electrical cords can fit through.

Check back in January for the GES Exhibitors Serivce Kit link.

Display Week registration information and discount codes will be emailed in February. Please contact Danielle Rocco ( with any questions.

No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the Exhibit Hall during move in and move out. Children under 16 will not receive a badge and must be accompanied by an adult to all official Display Week Convention events and when entering the Exhibit Hall during open hours.

Your time and success as an exhibitor during Display Week can be greatly enhanced through pre-convention planning and taking advantage of strategic marketing opportunities to drive attendees to your booth. Pre-convention and onsite promotion of your organization and its products and services is the greatest way to increase traffic to your booth and afford you enhanced brand recognition. By using a combination of marketing opportunities you will ultimately garner more face-to-face contact with potential clients.

Exhibitor Client and Guest Registrations
In order to allow your customers, clients, or guests to visit your booth during the convention, Display Week offers exhibitors the use of a promotional code to send to guests, clients, and friends for a complimentary exhibit hall registration. The promotional code will allow guests free access to the exhibit hall only. The exhibit badge does not allow access to any Convention events taking place outside of the Exhibit Hall. Your company’s unique guest code will be emailed in February 2020.

By mid-February all paid exhibitors will receive an email from Danielle Rocco offering you the opportunity to request (free of charge) a custom customer invitation. The invitation will contain a guest discount code which will allow your customers and prospects to register for a complimentary badge to attend the Display Week Exhibit Hall. The exhibit hall only badge will give your guest access to the industry leader Keynote address, the Women in Tech forum, the CEO Panel, Exhibitor Forum presentations and the cutting-edge technologies in the Innovation Zone.
Click here for more information on the Display Week People's Choice award.

An organization’s exhibit points are determined as follows:

For each consecutive year of exhibiting during the past 10 years (2010-2020) including the current year. 3 points/100 square feet
For each additional 100 square feet purchased after the first 100 square feet for the current year 3 points/100 square feet
Company membership in SID (corporate membership as listed in the March/April issue of Information Display Magazine) Gold: 8 points, Silver: 3 points, Corporate: 1 point
For every $1,000 of sponsorships/Exhibit Guide ads/meeting rooms for the current year 1 point
The link to the Exhibitor Service Kit will be emailed to all exhibitors and will be available online by mid-February. This kit contains all necessary forms and information on preparing your booth for the exhibition. Included in the Exhibitor Service Kit are order forms for renting carpeting, furniture, audio/video, internet connection, electrical as well as shipping info and labels, rigging of signage, and much more.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to follow these guidelines in booth construction and it will be at the exhibitor’s expense to comply with these should their booth be in violation of such.

For purposes of example on the most common booth at the show, below are the specifications for a 10’x10’ linear booth. Please consult the online guidelines for other booth configurations and guidelines beyond the linear booth listed below.

Linear Booth

Linear booths have only one side exposed to an aisle and are generally arranged in a series along a straight line. They are also called “in-line” booths. Click here for the linear booth rules.


For purposes of consistency and ease of layout and/or reconfiguration, floor plan design in increments of ten feet (10’) has become the de facto standard in the United States. Therefore, unless constricted by space or other limitations, linear booths will be ten feet (10’) wide and ten feet (10’) deep, i.e., 10’x10’.

Regardless of the number of linear booths utilized, (e.g., 10’x20’, 10’x30’, 10’x40’, etc.) display materials should be arranged in such a manner so as not to obstruct sight lines of neighboring exhibitors. No banners or other items may be suspended from the facility ceiling in linear booths in order to obtain heightened visibility.

Any structure exceeding the standard eight-foot (8’) height restriction for linear booths must be submitted for approval by Show Management (Banners or other items not integral to booth structure will be refused above eight feet.) There is a four-foot (4’) height restriction imposed on all materials in the front half (5 feet) of space forward to the aisle. Corner Booth A corner booth is a booth exposed to aisles on two or more sides.

Exhibit fixtures, components, banners and identification signs will be allowed to a maximum height of 20’ (from the ground to the top of the booth/banner). The entire cubic content of the space may be used up to the maximum height. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to comply with Display Week’s general terms and conditions. Show management has the right to amend these guidelines at any time, as necessary. If a booth does not comply with the Fire Marshall's safety rules, there is nothing GES, SID, PCM or the convention center can do to override the Fire Marshall decision.

Click here to view the IAEE rules for island booth.

Yes. There are a number of sources you may look to for assistance in designing and constructing your booth. The Convention General Contractor (GES) can assist you in this area.There are also a number of other companies that provide such services on the web.You are not required to use any particular contractor.

We encourage you to shop around and receive bids on your booth design project before making a final decision. Begin that process as early as possible to avoid delays and time constraints as the Convention draws near.

The Exhibitor Service Kit contains specific shipping instructions, including date deadlines and mailing labels. You will incur additional costs and possible lost shipments if you DO NOT carefully follow the instructions.

In general, here is the procedure:

  1. Properly crate and pack all shipments per guidelines to avoid extra fees.
  2. Ship in advance (approximately 4 weeks prior to the convention) to a holding warehouse per address instructions and dates stated in the Exhibit Service Kit. Shipping labels are also furnished in the Kit for your use.
  3. Select a freight carrier with experience in handling exhibition materials, such as GES Logistics.

All shipments sent in advance will be delivered directly to your exhibit space. If they ae not there upon your arrival, the exhibitor service desk can assist you in tracking down the material.

The Exhibitor Service Kit also contains labels for "DIRECT Shipping" to the dock at the Convention Exhibit Hall. Direct shipping is date sensitive and the specific window of dates is printed on the labels.

If your food or drink item is produced by your organization and does not directly compete with the facility food service exclusive provider, it may be acceptable. However, it is necessary to have approval from the facility food service exclusive provider priorto makingit available at your booth. If you merely want to enhance your booth by serving pizzas or coffee, you would need to work directly with the facility.

No exhibitor is to begin teardown or packing process until the Exhibit Hall closes. If you are unable to keep to the exhibit schedule you should reconsider exhibiting. Early teardown of one’s exhibit will result in booth selection penalties the following year.

There is a two-part reason behind this policy.

  1. We still have clients entering the show and they have been promised that the full package of exhibitors will be present. You may be the one exhibitor they really wanted to visit by living early, you deprive them of that opportunity.
  2. It impacts your fellow exhibitors. Early teardown not only creates a visual eyesore and a possible physical obstacle to accessing other exhibitors, but it also sends a psychological message to clients that time is up and they need to stop visiting other exhibitors.

Teardown begins once the show ends on Thursday, June 11th,at 3:00 pm.

Yes. You are not required to use the items available for rental through the decorator. If another vendor delivers these items to the dock, drayage or special handling labor fees will apply. The Convention Exhibit Rules & Regulations require ALL booths, regardless of size, to use carpet or an alternate professional floor covering to cover all concrete floor space within the booth. No bare floors – no exceptions. Occasionally “do-it-yourself” carpeting may cause tripping hazards and/or a fire hazard. In these circumstances it may be necessary to secure, for a fee (at exhibitor’s expense), labor to better secure carpeting or replace it should it be a hazard to others
As per the Moscone Center, San Francisco rules, all booths that are 200 SF or larger require union labor for set up and dismantle. You may choose either GES labor (no Certificate of Insurance is required), or an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (Certificate of Insurance for the EAC required). An exhibitor appointed contractor (EAC) is a company other than the general or official service provider on the show that requires access to a booth during installation and dismantling. Click here for EAC form which is required by Show Management. Please note, additional information will be required by GES.

Have you considered securing a larger booth space for the Display Week 2020 Show? Perhaps the increased material handling costs are holding you back? Now there is a cost savings with your material handling costs should you increase your booth space from DW19 to 

SID’s General Contractor (GES) provides a nice incentive for exhibitors to grow their exhibit space.  Should your company decide to grow their exhibit space from a smaller to a larger booth, your material handling costs could be reduced from 10 to 25%.  This does not negatively impact your contract with your EC as this is or should be a clear pass through savings.  

The chart below provides for you a clear understanding of the discount, should you decide to increase your space by 100 to 400 sq. ft. in exhibit space.

GES will discount Material Handling and standard furnishings for exhibitors that increase exhibit space size over prior year as follows:

100-200 sq. ft, increase                10% discount

201-300 sq. ft. increase                15% discount

301-400 sq. ft. increase                20% discount

400 sq. ft. increase or more         25% discount

We will be glad to connect you with directly with GES to discuss the savings you will realize. For those of you that may be interested in logistics program GES has in place a special SID negotiated program in which unlimited inbound shipping (ground service) to all exhibitors from any domestic location or the domestic portion of international shipments at NO CHARGE.  To qualify for free inbound shipping, exhibitors must utilize GES Logistics for outbound transportation.  Rates and rules can be provided to you upon request. Please feel free to contact us if this of interest to you. 

Thank you.

Americas & Europe, contact Jim Buckley by email at, or call (203) 502-8283; Asia, contact Sue Chung by email at, or call (408) 389-9596.

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