Luminit LLC

Torrance,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1031

Welcome to Luminit! Please stop by booth 1031.

Luminit LLC is focused on providing advanced lighting management solutions for the display industry. Luminit offers a variety of films that can diffuser, reshape, recycle and redirect light in most display applications.  We also offer services design, simulation, modeling and rapid prototyping, as well as high-volume production capabilities. Luminit Holographic Optical Elements that can be massed produced and enable bright, transparent, virtual images augmented reality applications. This year, we’re highlighting our Round Tip Display Film which is designed to increase the brightness of displays by making use of refracted and reflected light to fully utilize otherwise wasted light and direct more light toward the viewer.

Brands: Light Shaping Diffusers, Display Brightness Film, Transparent Holographic Components, Light Shaping Microoptics


Luminit Core Capabilities Video