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M6000 PIXX Imaging & Lifetime Test System periodically measures the electroluminescence image while driving display devices.

The conventional lifetime test method acquires the numerical result by using photosensors and calculates the relative lifetime decay, which has certain limitations in observing the actual changes of the devices.

By using image sensors, users can observe the variation in the imaging lifetime of OLED display devices ,which can be visually identified with quantified light changes and life changes.

M6000 PIXX offers users to conduct the lifetime test in an intuitive manner and acquire the various parameters for evaluating the distribution of intensity images reconstructed. The system can be comprised of testing multiple samples simultaneously.

The next generation display devices; QLED, Micro & Mini-LED not only OLED can be applicable for the test. In particular, the data can be used for evaluating materials and architecture to develop the advanced display production technology such as Inkjet-printing.

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