Audfly Technology

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Foremost expert in directed audio and sound on screen.

Audfly Technology is the global leader in audio solutions and the foremost experts in directed audio technology all over the world.

Audfly has been concentrating directional sound technology since 2015. Focusound is the brand name of its directional sound products and solutions.

Audfly utilizes a revolutionary audio technology to create sound in a narrow beam, directs it to the desired listening area without disturbing others, providing an effective way to create independent audio zone with immersive, 3D-like audio experience, fulfill the demand for audio privacy needs.

Audfly developed the directional sound technology to the 3rd generation, using transparent film as the sound-generating unit. The unique film is processed by several display semiconductor procedures and mounted able to the screen of the display, making the screen itself a directional speaker. With the transparent sound-emitting film, notebooks, monitor, TV, or even the dashboard in your car could direct a beam of audio and create private audio soundscape.

Customization is also available.  For more information about Audfly and Focusound solution, please see

Brands: Focusound, the see-thru glass directional speaker, directed sound to desired listen area with disturbing others.