Noctiluca S.A.

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Noctiluca is a technology company that develops high performance materials for photonics industry. Its most unique offering includes new generation OLED emitter materials – chemical compounds that form the fundamental basis of OLED displays. These are adopted in TVs, smartphones, wearables and several other mainstream devices.

Noctiluca’s Team has ca 15 years of experience in both research and development projects, as well as in the production of organic and organometallic compounds from mg to multi-kg.  

Our experience is vibrant to mention, for example, high purity organometallic compounds of gallium, zirconium, tin, and indium ALD and CVD application; Gratzel type dyes for DSSC applications; and other organic materials. 

We have the necessary laboratory equipment for the synthesis of organic and organometallic compounds sensitive to air and moisture, reactors with a capacity of up to 50 L, industrial rotary evaporator, microreactors, and flow reactors, electrochemical reactors, etc. We have GC and GCMS, HPLC and HPLC MS, IR and UV-VIS spectrometers. We have NMR (700 MHz, 400 MHz, and 300 MHz), ICP-MS, SEM, and TEM.