Poro Technologies, Ltd. (Porotech)

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 213

Welcome to our online booth!

At Display Week, Porotech will be unveiling display & optical module demonstrations which showcase its ground-breaking DynamicPixelTuning® (DPT®) technology. DPT pixels are single emitters/diodes which can emit the entire visible spectrum just by modulating the current. No sub-pixels, no stacking, no colour converters & no filters.. Just tuneable, native emission from a single diode. 

The breakthrough makes it possible to create full-colour or tuneable-colour displays using identical pixels on a single wafer – eliminating complex fabrication processes to deliver microLED displays at consumer scale. Displays and optical modules delivering extraordinarily wide colour gamuts, the whitest whites and unbeatable resolution and brightness are enabled for everything from AR glasses to TV's and smartphones.

Porotech is a micro-LED pioneer focused on next-generation display applications headquartered in Cambridge (UK), with offices in Hsinchu (Taiwan) and Chandler, Arizona (USA) .


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