Radiant Vision Systems

Redmond,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 801

More Ways to Measure Displays

Radiant Vision Systems is the leading provider of display test systems and light and color measurement equipment to help OEMs ensure absolute quality of displays and devices. Our scientific-grade imaging colorimeters and photometers allow manufacturers to combine the benefits of automation (quantifiable results, speed, flexibility, and repeatability) with the precision and qualitative accuracy of human vision. From consumer electronics to the automotive industry, OEMs rely on our 30 years of expertise inspecting technologies including:

  • Displays such as LCD, LED, mini/microLED, and OLED
  • Head-up displays (HUDs) and automotive integrations
  • Near-to-eye technology (NED) such as AR/VR devices, wearables, and head-mounted displays (HMD)
  • Near-infrared (NIR) emitters used in eye tracking, facial ID, and other sensing applications
  • Device surfaces, cover glass, fit & finish, and more.

With superior speed and software capability compared to other solutions, Radiant systems can easily integrate into both R&D labs and production lines to optimize operational resources, reduce costs, prevent escapes and latent failures, and shorten time to innovation.

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