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RENA – The art of wet processing.
RENA offers various wet processing tools for the display industry. Our family of BatchGlass platforms are able to perform hot alkaline etching processes. These types of processes are perfectly suited for the treatment of display glass types. Hot alkaline etching removes microcracks from the surface and can be applied in the glass edge processing. BatchGlass HTX is designed for small and medium size formats protable consumer electronic devices and BatchGlass LF HTX for large formats. Through glass vias (TGV) substrates can be used for semicondutor applications and the manufacturing of microLED displays. TGV substrates are manufactured with a combined laser and etching technology. RENA provides etching solutions for TGV production for large formats. The advanced hot alkaline etching technology allows selective and controlled etching of vias into glass with lower and taper angles of vias. RENA can also offer plating processes for microLED production.


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