temicon GmbH

  • Booth: 907

temicon is leading manufacturer of micro- and nano structured films, components and functional surfaces. Since the company was founded in 2005 it has consistently established its universally unique technology platform in the fields of microstructuring, nanostructuring, electroforming, injection molding and nanoimprint. The company is a pioneer for the photolithographic origination of micro- and nanostructured patterns on large, seamless surfaces and for the replication by roll-imprint and injection molding. temicon's innovative products have found their way into numerous areas of application: Lighting, Display, Optics, Solar and Life Sciences. Under the brand temilux® innovative LED-light elements for the lighting industry are sold. holotools® stands as brand for large area standard nano structures like MLAs, AR structures and diffursors. temilife® includes micro and nanostructured solutions for medical applications and biotechnology such as microfluidics or cell cultivation.

Brands: temilux®, holotools®, temilife®