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TZ electronic systems – empower automotive video innovation!

At TZ electronic systems, we‘re the makers of high-quality products and tailored solutions for automotive video systems.

Whether for recording and visualisation, evaluation or modi­fication of video: our solutions are the perfect answer to your individual requirements.

We offer an entire eco-system that assists you from the initial concept phase through to your serial product and is partitioned into three areas:

  • Our Car Monitoring allows you to examine the vehicle holi­stically. Every item of data can be seamlessly recorded and analysed.

  • The Component Test enables you to analyse individual com­ponents down to the last detail. This otherwise weeks- and days-long process can be shorte­ned to a matter of hours or minutes.

  • Our Chip Access opens the door to uncompromised access to data and configurations. This allows you to see exactly what the chip is doing and what information it supplies.

But we can do so much more – enabling you to get your innovations on the road quickly and hassle-free.

TZ electronic systems – we empower automotive video innovations!

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Brands: Coupler, Signal Generator, Framegrabber, Signal Processing Unit, Signal Sniffer, Switch, Video Converter