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UNI Display - We make HMI friendlier!

When we introduced color-OCA to realize “seamless effect” at SID’s I-Zone 2021, we hoped this concept could be adapted to echo the growing demands and please people’s eyes that observe the wonderful world of ours. After more than one-year promotion, we are proud to learn that the above concept has come into the display world with more seamless black applications by using color-OCA.  To foster and enhance this seamless effect into wider ranges of display applications, UNI Display does not stop our R&D works at seamless display functions and would like to carry forward one step ahead combined with specially printed films laminated on the cover lens to allow displays to be seen only when they are really needed. Imagine that when display is on, only the wanted images/contents can be seen and when it is at Off-Mode, people can only see the outer case in its original appearance, not being bothered by the faintly visible display areas. We, at UNI Display believe that combined with our OCA solution, this innovative design and technology can make seamless effect an even better solution to improve the viewing experience of display devices.