VitreaLab GmbH

  • Booth: 1249

Inspired by quantum photonic technologies, VitreaLab is developing integrated optics circuits that will transform displays as we know them.

Our core technology component, the Quantum Light Engine, is a laser powered light source capable of illuminating AR, 3D and 2D displays with RGB light of unprecedented brightness and perfect color quality while consuming just a fraction of the energy needed by other technologies.

The Quantum Light Engine is the world’s most advanced optical circuit integrated in a thin display glass slide. It consists of thousands of light microchannels that distribute light from a single laser source at the facet of the glass slide, to millions of collimated output laser beams distributed over its entire surface with minimal losses (see our linked video).

Our light engines are inherently robust and compact, having a thickness of a few hundred microns and a surface that can range from a few square millimeters to laptop display sizes.

For AR systems our technology is able to fit in the sub-cubic-centimeter form factor, generating the most bright and vivid full color AR displays with minimal coherent artifacts.