Color Space Technology, Inc.

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Viewing Angle Instrument with unbelievably ability is able to capture incident light up to ±110 degree of Zenith angle and 0-360 degree of Azimuth angle by one shot for OLED display with convex curve display surface. Providing quick solution for testing of mobile display panel, 3D structural light module and other products, in order to ensure their light’s spatial distribution quality meet requirements.

Servo based automatic XYZ coordinate capture function and integrated brightness and color measurements both with raw and calibration data capability.

Individual pixel based wave length uniformity calibration to guarantee different batches of display have same brightness and color.

Automatic NTSC, PAL, sRGB and Best saturate color gamut adjustment. True color optimization to make the screen color same as nature color.

A customer acclaimed easy and fast setup process. Simple to follow software steps and operation.

Brands: Color Space--Viewing Angle Metrology, PM-30; PM-50; PM100