• Booth: 833

ELDIM has 30 years of expertise on display technologies and metrology.

The company develops and manufactures Fourier Optics viewing angle systems for Visible and NIR range, video photometers, colorimeters, temporal analysis systems, turn-key inspection systems.

Based on home-made advanced optical designs, ELDIM's products provide unbeatable resolution in angles. With their own optical shop allowing the manufacturing of the complex optics used in their systems. It is a key parameter in the development and prototyping phase for production projects. It allows a very fast validation of your future production process.

Since 1991, ELDIM's engineering teams have acquired a high knowledge in the optical analysis of angular properties of the light (in transmissive or reflective mode).

ELDIM is, and always has been an R&D company, capable of designing and manufacturing customized products responding to new requirements. ELDIM can work on any demand that would necessitate to measure the angular emission of Displays and sources. ELDIM is working with leading OEM companies on various topics such as AR/VR solutions, long range LIDAR and production line testing.