• Booth: 1108

Welcome at Fraunhofer IAP. We will present QDs and printing.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP) has been active in organic electronic research, focusing on applications in OLEDs, OTFT, OPV, sensors, and actuators. The main focus is on synthesis of novel materials as well as in the device design and manufacture. Quantum Dots (QDs) will be used in QD-LEDs and displays and for backlights. IAP has developed very stable indium phosphide QDs covering a wide spectral range from green to red with a high quantum yield and low FWHM. IAP use solution processing which can be manufactured by digital printing techniques like Inkjet and EHDJet.

Brands: A new technique for drop-on-demand formation - pulsed electro-static printing (EHDJet) is use for high resolution printing with pixel structures of 10 µm and below.


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