HOLOEYE Photonics AG

  • Booth: 732

Excited to present HOLOEYE´s products - booth #732

HOLOEYE Photonics AG provides products and services in the fields of diffractive optics (DOE), spatial light modulators (SLM), and LCOS microdisplay components.

We offer a variety of high-resolution LCOS microdisplays, customized packaging, flex cable design, and custom drive electronics for specialty applications and markets. HOLOEYE also provides special phase-modulating LCOS microdisplays (Spatial Light Modulators) for applications like optical tweezing, wavefront correction, holography, optical switching or AR/VR applications..

Our Diffractive Optics services include both commercial off-the-shelf diffractive optical elements and the development of customized DOEs, such as high uniformity fan-out gratings, multi-level DOEs for best optical performance or binary DOEs for best value and short lead times.


HOLOEYE Products and Services