JKS Intermational Hair Care

Ft. Worth,  TX 
United States
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John Kaytaz renowned stylist, master colorist, award winning salon owner, founder of JKS International and JKS Design Team members have spent the last several years developing a comprehensive system oh cream hair colors, bleaching powder, shampoos, conditioners and dynamic styling and finishing line. It has already generated excitement around the country from beauty salon clients, hair dressers and industry ciritics over the packaging, scents and most importantly, the wondrous effects it has on the hair with super-charged anti-oxidants in essential vitamin enriched formulas. Kaytaz says our motto “Love your hair Like we do” Yours Sincerely, John Kaytaz

Brands: Bleaching Powder Shampoos and Conditioners Hair Treatment Styling and Finishing Products Cream Hair Color (78 Shades) Gentle Cream Developers Lightener Oil Academy & Design Center

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