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Named to TIME Magazine Best Inventions 2018, YUBI is the exciting brand putting beauty at the fingertips of busy people everywhere.  YUBI solves the beauty needs of busy babes with a multipurpose tool that reduces application and cleaning time, eliminates excess bulk when travelling and delivers a flawless airbrushed finish.  Our patented, ergonomic tools are perfect for everything from sunscreen to serums, foundation to blush and bronzer - whether powder, liquid or cream. 

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  • As the granddaughter of a beautician, Adiya Dixon Wiggins saw first hand how beauty uplifts and transcends barriers of language, age, and politics. As an international lawyer and mother of two, Dixon Wiggins was also the consummate "busy woman", often sacrificing her beauty and self care routine to meet the needs of others.  Her desire to support other busy women like herself led to the creation of YUBI - the ergonomic beauty tool that makes cosmetic application faster, easier, more intuitive and more hygienic.

    Launched in 2018, YUBI has already begun to generate excitement - YUBI was selected as one of TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2018, the only beauty product on the list. YUBI replaces all other complexion makeup brushes and sponges currently in your beauty arsenal.

    Traditional makeup brushes are really just paint brushes. They were never designed for self application of makeup, and have not changed since before the time of Michelangelo. Patented YUBI slides onto your fingers to become an extension of your hand. The result is maximum control, ease and comfort at home or on the go, as well as an incomparable finish. Named after the Japanese word for finger, YUBI gives you a flawless finish in record time. For women on the go, YUBI is the perfect travel companion, eliminating the need for bulky sets of brushes.

    YUBI is available with an interchangeable brush and sponge that work separately or together:

    YUBI Buff Brush ($35 MSRP) - The YUBI Buff Brush combines the ease and comfort of fingertip application with the polish and hygiene of brushes. Constructed of vegan microbristles, this multi-purpose Buff Brush is the softest tool you have ever used that delivers the most buttery-smooth, flawless finish of your life.

    YUBI Blend Sponge ($20 MSRP) - The YUBI Blend Sponge makes light work of blending your favorite cosmetics.  This sponge features the most porous latex-free sponge material available for the softest feel and highest-quality results.  Get that airbrushed, flawless finish fast and keep your pretty fingers clean.

    YUBI Buff and Blend Duo ($39 MSRP) - This interchangeable set easily does the work of 10 traditional tools to give you a flawless finish in record time.  Use your Buff Brush for application of your favorite cosmetics.  Then remove your brush head and replace with the Blend Sponge head to pick up excess product and smooth your skin to a glowing, airbrushed finish.

    YUBI Perfect Polish Set ($55 MSRP) - More pieces in one set! The Perfect Polish set contains:

    *Two super soft Buff Brush applicators,

    *One squishy Blend Sponge applicator

    *One Universal Handle and

    *A convenient travel pouch to keep everything fresh on the go!

    Use one Buff Brush to apply your makeup and the other to wash your face, or keep your spare clean for when you (accidentally) skip wash day!

    Replacement Buff Brushes and Blend Sponges are also available.

    One of the things that makes YUBI so revolutionary is that you can use this single tool to apply all of your face makeup without changing brushes in between. Apply foundation, concealer, blush, contour, bronzer, highlighter and much more without skipping a beat, saving time and effort. YUBI is also perfect for applying all types of skincare, self tanner and body products. Powder, liquid and cream formulas - YUBI plays well with all.

    Unlike traditional brushes, YUBI could not be easier to clean: Start with a gentle cleanser and add a few drops directly to your YUBI Brush or Sponge.  Swirl the cleanser and warm water into your YUBI Brush or Sponge. Rinse with warm water until it runs clear. Repeat if necessary. When clean, squeeze your YUBI Brush or Sponge with a dry towel to blot out excess water.  Rest your YUBI Brush or Sponge bristles/sponge side down on a dry towel to air dry.

    YUBI products are available at loveyubi.com the Home Shopping Network, Amazon and Fab Fit Fun.  

    Since launching YUBI, Dixon Wiggins is busier than ever...but rest assured that her makeup is always on point! For hi-res images, information, or samples - or for an interview with YUBI creator Adiya Dixon Wiggins,  please contact her at adiya@loveyubi.com or by phone at (614) 505-9017.


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  • YUBI Buff and Blend Duo
    *Named one of TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions for 2018*
    Cosmetic brush and sponge application system for use at home or for travel....

  • Throw your brushes away! 

    Named one of TIME Magazine's 50 Best Inventions for 2018, this interchangeable brush and sponge application system simplifies and elevates the beauty ritual for busy women on the go.  Each set contains one YUBI handle, one Buff Brush applicator, one interchangeable Blend Sponge applicator and one drawstring carry pouch to keep your YUBI safe on the go.

    * Buff Brush Applicator.  We married the ease and comfort of fingertip application with the polish and hygiene of brushes. The result?  A miracle brush that delivers the most buttery-smooth, flawless finish of your life.  Constructed of 275,000 vegan microbristles, this multi-purpose Buff Brush works great on your favorite cosmetics, whether liquid, cream or powder.  Apply your whole face – from sunscreen and moisturizer to foundation, blush and bronzer – without cleaning your Buff Brush in between. 

    * Blend Sponge Applicator.  Absolutely ideal for tinted moisturizer, liquid and cream foundation as well as setting powder, the YUBI Blend Sponge is your go-to tool to get that light-as-skin look.  All while keeping your pretty fingers clean, unlike traditional sponges.  Use wet or dry. 

    Clean your YUBI with soap and water.   Patented YUBI was invented by a busy woman to help busy people everywhere enjoy the transformative and uplifting benefits of a beauty ritual.  

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Exhibit questions please contact: info@cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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