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Somos una compania Mexicana lider en la industria de belleza con mas de 30 anios en el segmento profesional  y  especialistas en la fabricacion de TRATAMIENTOS Y TINTES PARA CABELLO LATINO, que exceden las expectativas del mercado Hispano. Estamos orgullosos de nuestros altos estandares de calidad y ofrecer altos niveles de inventario para surtir las ordenes a tiempo.

Nuestra experiencia incluye el diseno, FABRICACION DE MARCA PRIVADA, ventas y distribucion que CUMPLEN CON LOS REQUERIMIENTOS DE FDA

Nuestro Centro de Distribucion para Estados Unidos esta localizado en San Antonio, TX.

We are a manufacturing company in Mexico, leader in the hair salon industry with over 30 years of experience in the professional segment. We are specialists in manufacturing HAIR TREATMENTS AND HAIR COLOR FOR LATIN HAIR, that exceed the expectations of Hispanic market. We are proud of our excellent customer service by maintaining high levels of inventory to supply every order on time.

Our experience includes the development of formulas, HAIR COLOR PRIVATE LABEL, sales and distribution that COMPLY with FDA STANDARDS.

Our distibution center for U.S.A is located in San Antonio,TX.

Brands: Nutrapel , Color tech, Lassio Chocolate, UHDcp, Platinoxide, RBL, Instafreeze, Keractive, Nutritive, Curly, Moroccan, Infinity Color , ALKEMIST SYSTEM bonder and CEMTEC Extreme Hair Repair.

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  • Stop by BOOTH 25059 and ask for a FREE TRAVEL KIT. New lauching product: CEMTEC MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM for EXTREME HAIR REPAIR.

    Ven al BOOTH 25059 y pide tu TRAVEL KIT GRATIS. Este es nuestro nuevo lanzamiento: CEMTEC SISTEMA MULTIFUCIONAL para REPARACION EXTREMA DEL CABELLO.

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    CEMTEC is a Multi-functional System for Extreme Hair repair that replenishes the 17 amino acids that repairs, reconstructs and strengthens the Cellular Membrane Complex of the hair IN THE FIRST APPLICATION.

  • CEMTEC is a Multi-functional System for Extreme Hair repair that reconstructs the internal structure of the hair fiber IN THE FIRST APPLICATION. CEMTEC replenishes the 17 amino acids that rebuild the Cellular Membrane Complex that have been degraded and lost for the use of chemicals treatments, hot tools or mechanical damage. The inter-cellular ingredients of this formula provide strength, cohesion and elasticity providing the sufficient production of amino acids to rebuild immediately the natural keratin of the hair. Each of the products that conforms CEMTEC Multi-functional system performs a specific function to achieve the immediate repair of the hair fiber, so they must be used together following the 3 simple steps:

    Step 1. CEMTEC ULTRA GENTLE SHAMPOO: Prepares and cleans the hair to absorb Step 2 & 3.

    Step 2. CEMTEC EXTREME REPAIR MASK: Formulated with 17 amino acids that REPAIR, RECONSTRUCTS and STRENGTHEN the hair.

    Step 3. CEMTEC ENCAPSULATING AND ILLUMINATING SERUM: Leave- in that seals the active ingredients inside the cuticle and provides SILKINESS and a SUPERB SHINE.

    CEMTEC is formulated with Bio-Molecular ingredients consisting in Silk Proteins and a high absorption Bond Multiplier that penetrate to the deepest part of the hair fiber, generating a bond between the broken molecules caused by the hair damage. Improves the chemical interactions within the Keratin inside the cortex and reinforces at a molecular level the cohesion between the micro-fibrils by increasing significantly the strength of the hair fiber.

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