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VALERA Swiss Hair Specialists

Since 1955 VALERA has been producing hair care equipment. Our constant focus is the health and appearance of the hair and therefore the person’s image and wellbeing.
VALERA means Hair Specialists: VALERA deals exclusively with hair care appliances and therefore has a specific competence about hair that other non-specialized brands of electrical appliances cannot have.
VALERA is Professional: VALERA’s know-how has always been based on close collaboration with the professional world of hairdressers, who are the specialists in hair care and styling.
VALERA, a Swiss brand: VALERA benefits from the solid reputation of the MADE IN SWITZERLAND claim. Swiss image communicates values like quality, precision, reliability, competence, respect for health and environment, exclusivity.
In-House production: VALERA manufactures all hairdryers and the hair straighteners in Switzerland. Valera pursues its strategy to extend its own production in Switzerland.

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  • Dynamic Pro 4200
    The hairdryer for dynamic styling...

  • Dynamic hair styling with an ultra-durable and extremely powerful hairdryer. Featuring brushless digital BLDC-ENDURO-X SELECT motor with 10,000 hours service life. The super strong air flow supplies an ultra-fast drying rate. Ultra-silent and super light.
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