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Insung information is an IT company that provides total solutions for network integration and industrial informatization since 1992. We develope and operate smart digital Health care Service that combines latest IT technology with medical service.

The healthcare business that we operate is divided into telemedicine (remote monitoring) and life medical device & beauty device business. Those two business segments are aimed at the entire domestic and overseas markets.

In Overseas, We participate in the US Veterans Affairs Project and export telemedicine devices in USA which is the largest market in the field of telemedicine. Based on this experience, we have entered the health care market in the US, Europe and Asia and make rising profits and growing sales in overseas Health care market.

In the case of life-medical and beauty device, we continued to promote business opportunities, localize products, and globalize through B2B and B2C market. We are developing products to meet the requirements of domestic and foreign buyers. As a result, we are making efforts to increase sales by entering the markets of China, Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Brands: Brands: DeepSkin S


  • DeepSkin S
    ‘DeepSkin’ is a beauty device that uses Iontophoresis technology to transfer nutrients contained in the mask sheet into skin more effectively. After connecting the mask sheet to the device and operating for 15 minutes, you can see high penetration effect....

  • 1. Principles of Product

    • Iontophoresis is a well-known technology that has been used in the medical field for a long time. It is one of drug delivery systems, it is a technique to inject various functional nutrients deep into the skin dermal layer using microcurrent.
    • It shows tens of times skin penetration effect compared with the conventional diffusion method, and is also called "an injection without the needle".
    • Iontophoresis effect is as follows.
    • Ionized nutrients along with moisture are transferred into the deep dermis
    • Minimizes skin layer damage and transfers nutrients using micro currents
    • Penetration speed and time can be controlled easily
    • It can deliver nutrients directly to the dermis, which can quickly supplement skin function

        2. Product Features

    • Using iontophoresis micro-current technology
    • Ionized functional essence directly penetrates into the skin
    • After using 15 minutes, up to 8.6 times increase in skin permeation (pre-clinical results)
    • Effectiveness and stability of various certifications, patents, clinically proven products
    • Clinical product validation completed. No side effects (Whitening 17.3%, wrinkles 26.1% improvement)
    • Pulsed micro current control patented technology to minimize skin damage
    • Korea KC, Europe CE, USA UL Certifications (Beauty Equipment)
    • Compatible with various mask packs
    • Increase product utilization with compatible configurations
    • Skin regeneration (EGF), moisturizing and whitening mask packs(10 pieces)+device(1unit) are basic configuration
    • Easy to use professional skin care system at home
    • Economical because of time and cost savings
    • Small size and weight

        3. Clinical Trial

    • Pre-clinical trial results (animal clinical trial)
    • 8.6 times increase in permeability

    : Pre-clinical trial of vitamin C phosphate infusion through skin of hairless mouse(15 minutes) compared with control without device change according to current change / 2014.12<Sookmyung Women’s University Pharmacy Research Institute>

    • Efficacy clinical trial result (human clinical trial)
    • Improved whitening(17.3%), winkle improvement(26.1%), moisturizing(11.2%) and skin elasticity(13.7%)

    : Clinical skin test results of the usage with the deepskin device through a mask sheet showed 12 weeks(84days), 25 women, 2015.05~08. <IEC Korea>

    • IEC Korea is a global clinical trial institution specializing in clinical research.
    • Through DermaTOP, a professional skin measurement device, 84 days after before and after comparison, the dermal layer of skin, improvement of skin pigmentation and wrinkle improvement can be easily identified visually.
    • No reports of side effects or addiction during clinical trials. Ensure safety.

        4. Main patents

        : The uique technology of input pulsed iontophoresis to minimize skin damage of DeepSkin only

    • Pulsed iontophoresis device patent (Reg. No.: 10-07160240000)
    • Minimize skin damage using AC current(pulsed) microcurrent control technology, not DC
    • A mask sheet type iontophoresis device patent (Reg. No.: 10-11986900000)
    • The mask sheet itself acts as one electrode, and it can stably put into all the skin face at once

        5. Comparison of similar products

        ※ Because there is no device that connects directly to the mask sheet, such as DeepSkin products, the product is compared to a personal 

           ionizing device that rubs directly on the face.

        1) Other companies products

    • User should hold the device yourself and continue rubbing to the face
    • Management time is required for up to several tens of minutes per one time
    • User needs to apply the device consistently like a professional

        2) DeepSkin

    • Hands-free

    : Simply operated by wearing mask sheet and starting the device

    • Short time

    : Only requires 15 minutes for the nutrient formulas to penetrate into deep skin.

    • No stress

    : Able to relax while doing the self-care

       [ Composition of product ]

    • This product consists of a device (1) + mask pack (10).
    • Components consist of devuce, wrist electrode band, cable, battery (AAA*3ea), manual and pouch. In the case of the mask, mask packs (10 pcs) and clips (11 pcs) are enclosed in the mask pack box, and must be purchased separately as a consumable item for additional use.
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