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Brands: EISENBERG Paris is a family Brand created by José Eisenberg. The French luxury brand presents a range of expert High-Tech skincare, makeup, fragrances and suncare.


EISENBERG Paris - Les Essentiels - Le Maquillage
EISENBERG Paris - The Anti-Ageing Expertise


  • Face Refining Serum
    An innovative treatment that addresses the consequences of loss of tonicity. Highly concentrated, this exceptional serum works in-depth to tone, firm, sculpt the cheeks and fight the slackening of the chin and the neck....

  • Thanks to its ground-breaking technology using powerful targeted natural active ingredients and the action of the Trio-Molecular® Formula, SÉRUM AFFINANT VISAGE guarantees outstanding and unequalled surgery-like results in only 2 months!

    It is particularly designed for women with a morphology that is prone to a double chin or to a loss of firmness, regardless of skin type or age.

    Caffeine and Theobromine act directly on the skin’s metabolism to reduce fatty deposits while Glaucine stimulates collagen synthesis for a firmer and more toned skin. The face contour is re-designed, as if lifted!

    First visible results in only 4 weeks! 100% of women using Face Refining Serum declared their double chin was reduced and that their face was more refined in only 56 days, which corresponds to 2 full cycles of cell regeneration.

  • Firming Remodelling Mask
    A magical mask with an intensive anti-ageing action that procures an instant lifting, firming and plumping effect that lasts all day! Infused with natural active ingredients, it promotes firmness and minimises wrinkles and marks. A real radiance booster!


  • This magical Mask has an intensive anti-ageing action, and procures an instant lifting, firming and plumping effect that lasts all day!

    Infused with encapsulated Vitamins A & E, Grape Seed oil and Green Tea extracts, this light emulsion promotes firmness, minimises wrinkles and marks.

    It is specially designed for the face and eye contour. A real radiance booster!

    The revitalizing and lifting effect is visible in just 5 minutes!

    100% of volunteers* find that this product has an immediate anti-ageing and lifting action on the face and eye contour.

    95%* think this product is a must to lift the face in 5 minutes for a special event.

    80%* think this product has an immediate remodelling and plumping effect.

    *Results of a self-evaluation survey conducted on 20 women

    Must-have product for tired and lacklustre skin, it is suitable for all skin types, all age groups.

  • Anti-Age Treatment
    Anti-ageing expertise. A meltingly soft magical formula enhanced with targeted ingredients for a toned, smoothed, firmed and younger-looking skin....

  • A formula which melts into the skin, enriched with targeted ingredients: encapsulated Retinol, Borage and Grape seed Oils regenerate and nourish; vitamins E and C combat free radicals, Vegetal Ceramides preserve the skin's hydrolipid film and protect the skin against the harmful effects of the environment, whilst Red Algae eliminate toxins.

  • Essential Soothing Moisturiser
    A complete urban treatment that hydrates, protects, quickly calms and reduces the redness of men’s sensitive skin while repairing the damages caused by daily aggressions. Skin is soothed and protected!...

  • ESSENTIAL SOOTHING MOISTURISER addresses multiple problems all at once with visible results from the first application!

    It combines the efficiency of the revolutionary Trio-Molecular® Formula, a true Youth Booster, with the latest biotechnological research on plant-derived stem cells and on high performance natural active ingredients.

    It has a powerful repairing action by hydrating, soothing the skin and reducing redness and also benefits from visible protecting properties. It acts as a 360° shield to protect from all aggressions encountered by men’s sensitive skin: shaving, climate variations, pollution, thermal shocks due to sports, alcohol or spicy food.

    The results* are immediately visible:  skin is soothed, smoother, more moisturized and redness is reduced for 95% of the volunteers from the first application.

    *Clinical study conducted under dermatologist and ophthalmologist control

  • Essential Moisturising Balm
    A skincare product essential for providing all skin types with the hydration they need. It leaves the skin supple, comfortable, healthy and moisturised all day....

  • A skincare product essential for providing all skin types with the hydration they need. Its gel-cream texture procures a great feeling of freshness and well-being, while its highly effective biotechnological agents and Hyaluronic Acid are effective hydro-protective elements. It leaves the skin supple, comfortable, healthy and moisturised all day.

    It is designed for all skin types and all age groups, for anyone looking for a moisturiser that can be used after shaving.

  • Perfecteur Teint Express
    A soft innovative emulsion that prepares your skin for makeup and allows an easy and uniform application for a flawless result and a long-lasting hold. This multi-function primer blurs imperfections, smooths skin texture and unifies complexion....

  • This amazing primer, suitable for all skin tones, provides an instantly velvety skin!

    The nourishing, regenerating and anti-ageing properties of Argania oil are associated to Pistacia Lentiscus for its mattifying action, and to the anti-ageing virtues of Grape extract. It also contains antioxidant Vitamin E, and the Trio-Molecular® Formula which regenerates, energises and oxygenates. Skin looks smoother, complexion is mattified, pores are concealed, wrinkles, lines and imperfections are blurred!

    100%* of women using PERFECTEUR TEINT EXPRESS love the lightweight texture of this soft emulsion and find that it instantly mattifies the complexion and blurs imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles while providing a long-lasting hold of the makeup.

    Multi-use, it can also be applied on the eye lids and eye contour for a smooth finish. A true “photoshop” effect!
  • Mascara Graphique
    An exceptional mascara combining perfect precision with targeted care to reinforce lashes for a 360° fanned out effect! This exclusive formula promotes lash growth and reduces damage for a graphic, gentle and natural makeup....

  • This amazing two-in-one treatment is both a make-up product and a true lash-care thanks to its exclusive formula composed of a strengthening molecular duo of Marine Algae associated with Provitamin B5 and antioxidant Vitamins C & E promoting lash growth and reducing damage. Day after day, lashes are visibly revitalised, fuller and longer*.

    This essential mascara also offers a graphic, gentle and natural makeup. It instantly reveals endless, curled lashes, guaranteeing a spectacular definition.

    The results are outstanding: +105%** volume and +39%** lash density when applied!

    92%** of women appreciate the immediate lengthening and curling effect and 88%** find their lashes stronger, longer and thicker!

    * Self-evaluation ** Instrumental test

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