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Brands: Blenderelle® The Original Makeup Blender Case™ Nail Caddy, a unique storage & Travel solution for 64 nail polish bottles

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    July 23, 2019

    Glam goddesses who insist on toting their favorite makeup blender with them to be selfie-ready whenever a close up strikes can now blend, defend and go as everyone’s favorite makeup blender case launches its sleek and stylish new design.

    The all-new Crystal Collection by Blenderelle®, The Original Makeup Blender Case™ is a smart, sophisticated storage case for makeup blenders of all shapes and sizes.

    Recognizing that beauty blenders are no longer elliptical as standard, the cool Crystal Collection is designed to accommodate any sponge with ease, keeping handbags and makeup bags stain free while also keeping the applicator cleaner and more hygienic to stop breakouts in their tracks.

    Much like the original Blenderelle® case, The Crystal Collection was designed locally by a cohort of small businesses – with the latest design being entirely female-led. Crystal sports the same, ultra-durable tough outer shell as its cult predecessor, meaning it can stand up to the challenges of city living, daily commuting and spontaneous nights out without breaking a sweat.

    The Crystal Collection also features the standard Blenderelle® EPA registered antimicrobial technology, which provides effective ventilation and forms a protective casing around each applicator. The protective shell helps to keep the case free from bacteria.

    Available in 3 great colors, including everyone’s favorite rose gold, a striking amethyst, and a classic black onyx, each Crystal Collection makeup blender case is a covetable accessory in its own right.

    Sam Palmer, a female beauty entrepreneur who launched her business in New York three years ago is the brains behind the original Blenderelle® and its stylish big sister Crystal. She created the new-look Crystal in New York in collaboration with two female-owned productive and creative design businesses.

    She says, “Life moves fast when you’re always on the go and that can mean having to do your makeup on the run, on the train or at the gym – so I teamed up with two other small businesses, both led by incredible women, to design an attractive and practical solution for anyone who blends on the go.

    “The Crystal Collection has taken 12 months to perfect. The original design and idea proved so successful and was really loved by our customers that thousands of people kept asking, what’s next? 

    “Since 2015, when I invented and patented the idea of a makeup blender sponge case, and set to work with NYC product designer for The Original Blenderelle®, makeup blender sponges have evolved in shape and size. What originally began as just a one size oval shape makeup sponge has moved onto so many different options.  

    “We wanted the design of the new Crystal Collection to be the ideal travel and storage solution for everyone’s favorite blender. It’s the perfect fit for every size and shape makeup sponge and will fit two smaller sponges, yet is still compact enough for travel.”

    The Crystal Collection will launch to beauty insiders and influencers at the B2B beauty trade show, CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas, 28th – 30th July.

    To find out more about the beauty game-changer, visit

    About Blenderelle®

    Blenderelle® The Original Makeup Blender Case™ is a trademark of NYC Designed inspirations LLC, a leading provider of innovative cosmetic tools and storage solutions. The company’s mission is to provide beauty enthusiasts with solutions, like Blenderelle® and Blender Bud™, that make life easier when it comes to the daily makeup routine.

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    Samantha Palmer


  • Blenderelle®
    MAKEUP BLENDERS, YOU’RE COVERED - Discover the best way to protect your sponge & makeup bag.
    Blenderelle® goes where you go, a smart, sophisticated travel & storage case for makeup blenders of all shapes and sizes.

  • Life Moves Fast When You're Always On-the-Go

    In your car, hitting the gym, at the office, toss Blenderelle in your bag and 


    Glam goddesses who insist on toting their favorite makeup blender for makeup on-the-go can Blend Anytime Anywhere. Blenderelle® will protect sponges & makeup bags from grime & bacteria.

    Our cases go where you go, a smart, sophisticated travel & storage case for makeup blenders of all shapes and sizes.

    The NEW Crystal Collection, revealing at Cosmoprof NA, features a secure easy to open & close catch and a steel hinge. It’s perfect for every size and shape makeup sponge and can also fit two smaller sponges. 

    Blenderelle® Original features a twist to open & close mechanism, in a unique design, which looks perfect on the vanity. 

    Both designs, provide proper ventilation, a tough outer shell made from ABS & antimicrobial protection, as standard, to keep the case free from bacteria.

    Travel & protect both your sponge and makeup bag from grime & bacteria.

    Blenderelle® is The Original Makeup Blender Case™ a patent-protected invention, launched in 2017.

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