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Earth Lab Cosmetics produces our own line of  Natural, Gluten-Free, & Vegan Cosmetics, as well as offering products for "Private Label."  

Our signature "2/1 RAW MASCARA" has received several Green and Consumer Choice Awards in Canada. RAW MASCARA is made with natural stimulants known to promote lash growth.  RAW MASCARA is truly unique to this marketplace a 2/1 natural eyelash serum & mascara in one!

With natural mascara being our forte, we launched Vegan Lash this past year. This special mascara formula was created specifically for Lash Extension Professionals. 

We constantly hear Women with Eye Lash Extensions wishing they could still wear a mascara for that extra boost! They want stand up lashes!

Earth Lab Cosmetics produces a gentle, aloe and clay-based mascara, that is safe for use on lash extensions. This unique formula is free of harsh oils and harsh chemicals and offers dramatic stand up lashes. It is also deep and rich in colour. Washes off with just water - no rubbing necessary!

This product is available “private label” for industry professionals and is a huge opportunity as we’ve seen a demand for this product.

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 Press Releases

  • Earth Lab Cosmetics, a Canadian company known for using "clean" ingredients in their prodcuts, has developed Raw Mascara.

    Raw Mascara is made with natural stimulants and formulated in a raw food process, so ingredients retain their nutritional value.

    Now consumers can benefit from having the combination of an eyelash serum and natural mascara all in one! "We pride ourselves on bringing clean, innovative, cosmetics products into the marketplace," said Founder Jennifer MacDougall.

    If you would like to learn more about Raw Mascara, call our public realtions department at 1-888-245-0024.


    RAW MASCARA is unique to the marketplace it's a 2/1 Natural Eyelash Serum & Natural Mascara in one!

  • RAW MASCARA offers the best of both worlds - a natural eyelash serum & mascara all in one! Made with natural stimulants known to promote lash growth, this unique prodcut is also made with "clean" ingredients you won't find in traditional mascaras. 
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