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BYJIN provides outstanding specialty cosmetics and highly effective cosmetics. With fascinating formulas and innovative packaging, we provide full service for finished products-all ‘Made in Korea’. We offer the turnkey solution of cosmetic products by using our accumulated experience and know-how, including control of the production process, product planning, R&D and design. We connect and develop a variety of technologies to meet the growing market requirement and create specialized beauty products. The catchphrase of BYJIN is ‘the special value you will experience’.

AmaJIN is BYJIN's first brand having varied capsule products

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    This highly nourishing and moisturizing formula combines the hydrating effects of oil and moisturizing effects of serum to reinforce your skin's protective barrier, nourish, and brighten the skin....

  • MOISTURE BUBBLE SERUM contains high green tea extract. Our unique green tea is derived from Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. Unlike common green tea extract, it is resistant to change in light, heat, and pH. Therefore, this serum could contain 50,000ppm of green tea stably. The antioxidant and catechins in green tea are effective in rejuvenating dying skin cells and reducing irritation and redness. Oil drops with natural herbal serum calm the irritated skin and supply insufficient nutrients instantly. This serum is also one of the Green Tea Line Set consisting of toner, serum, and gel cream. 
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