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Heating&Moisturizing-Kit™ We are a leading company

which is working on Heating Patch without electrical devices

that can improve the effectiveness of the cosmetics and mask packs.

We are focusing on developing our patches to expand

our products to the world market as an essential product.

In near future, we will expand our business

and introduce products which is not only for cosmetics & beauty

but also for health care products, such as, hot pack, edible patch, and so on.

Brands: SKINDAUM Co.,Ltd (Company specializing in Heating Mask & Acupoint Heating patch)


  • Acupoint Heating Mask
    This is a new concept patch that helps wrinkle prevention and skin lifting through the warmed the acupuncture point by the heating point patch....

  • 1. What is Beauty Point Heating Mask(Acupoint Heating Mask)?

       When the heating point patch is put on the soothing mask, it increases the absorption rate of the effective ingredient by rising

        the skin temperature up to the body temperature.

      This is a new concept patch that helps wrinkle prevention and skin lifting through the warmed the acupuncture point by the heating point patch.

      (Acupuncture point -> stimulation with heating -> blood circulation -> exhaustion of waste and release of toxins causing swelling 

        -> help for line reduction, firming and   lifting)

    2. What is the acupuncture point?

      The entire body is connected organically like a subway line, so if a point is stimulated, the stimulus is transmitted to the internal organs connected to that point.

       In particular, stimulating blood circulation in the face releases toxins as the waste material in the lymphatic fluid is removed, increases elasticity of the face, prevents fine      wrinkles, and helps for facial lifting.

    3. The function of the acupuncture point

       The acupuncture point for beautiful face

    ◎ Yintang point (center between two eyebrows) :Helps with the care of fine wrinkles in middle of the forehead

    ◎ Dongja point (side part of the eye end, dented part) : Helps with wrinkles and dark spot care

    ◎ Gwanlyo point (below both cheekbones) : Helps with facial lifting and firming care

    ◎ Seungjang point (under the lower lip) : Helps with the care of skin firming and nasolabial fold

    ※ The above is a description of the location of the trigger point

    [TIPs for use]

    ◎ Be sure to use dry hand when using when using the heating point patch

    ◎ When you feel it is too hot, please remove it immediately or move it to the side.

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