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Born in 1992, the B.D.P. srl is a company manufacturing machines and equipment for the cosmetic industry. In particular we are specialized in the field of hair removal wax and we produce any equipment for the production and, if requested, packaging in this peculiar field.

Some examples of our productions:

Machines for the production of hot wax discs and drops

Lines and machines of various dimensions and outputs producing hot wax in drops or discs, complete with, if requested, the associated packaging.

Machines for the production of hair removal wax strips

Lines and machines for the production and, if requested, packaging and boxing of hair removal wax strips. Our range includes 2 models: MASTRI 10000 (up to 10000 strips/hour) and MASTRI 18000 (up to 18000 strips/hour).

Manual systems and machines for packaging hair removal wax in cans or cartridges

Manual systems, automatic and semi-automatic lines and machines to package cans and cartridges or hair removal wax. Many solutions and configurations, to meet any need.

Tanks to prepare and store wax

Heated mixing tanks of 500 and 750 l to prepare and maintain the hair removal waxes and not only.


  • MASTRI 10,000/18,000

  • Fifteen years after the creation of the first model of machine, our MASTRI 6,000, here come the new models of strips machine, the MASTRI 10,000 and 18,000. The first is single-track and can produce up to 10,000 strips/hour; whereas the second is double-track and can produce up to 18,000 strips/hour.

    This machine features a number of innovations, a notable example being the possibility to make strips with shaped wax forms, that will allow to better fit in with the anatomy of the body parts to treat, such as the face, the eyebrows, the groin, etc.

    With this machine we are able to meet all your requests: from the basic model, even cheaper than the previous one thanks to the use of innovative construction solutions that allow us to cut considerably costs, up to the most performing versions where you can add, among the others, the new strip shaped cut solutions and shaped wax coating on the strips.

    This new machine is studied to meet the requests of all the strips producers. Indeed, starting from the basic machine, which has a very high productivity, we can expand our line up to solve any problem connected to the strips production or packaging, such as putting the strips into plastic bags, cartoning, inserting cardboards or instructions, etc.

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Exhibit questions please contact: info@cosmoprofnorthamerica.com

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