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BeauteSchool Inc. brings beauty learning into the twenty first century. We develop award-winning, multi-lingual digital brand training, custom education portals and software for the beauty industry in North America.

Our carefully designed eLearning makes brand training available at the ‘speed of need.’ Beauty ambassadors have unlimited access to learning on any advice, anywhere, and at anytime through or a customized portal.

Since our beginnings in 2012, we have developed more than 150 digital brand training courses which have been completed by over 14,000 beauty advisors. Some of our global clients include Shiseido, CHANEL, NARS, NeoStrata and more.

With over 40 years of industry experience, our vision is to solve training challenges and provide brand ambassadors with the information they need to build product knowledge and sell with confidence.

Brands: Digital brand training, custom education portals, Beauty learning software

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 Press Releases

  • Beauty Learning Goes Digital.

    As a successful beauty brand, you know that investing in product knowledge training is a vital step to reaching your performance goals. The more that beauty ambassadors interact and learn about your new and existing products, the more they build on their ability to recommend and sell them. Keeping product knowledge training easily available and current allows you and your beauty ambassadors to succeed. 

    But what is the cost of all of this? The beauty industry is dynamic. New products and brands are always being introduced and beauty ambassadors come and go. How can you ensure that everyone has access to your brand’s product knowledge without spending thousands on repetitive and time consuming face to face training?

    BeauteSchool is here to help by bringing beauty learning into the twenty first century. With the understanding that product knowledge drives sales, BeauteSchool develops award winning eLearning that solves all your training challenges and teaches your brand ambassadors how to recommend and sell your products.

    Your beauty ambassadors can access your customized eLearning on any device, anywhere and at anytime. This ensures that your training is available ‘at the speed of need’ and allows beauty ambassadors to constantly refresh their knowledge.

    Not only is eLearning environmentally friendly, it can save thousands in your training budget. Unlike the repetition of instructor led training brand training, new products are easily and quickly updated in your eLearning program. No more training manuals, binders and sell sheets!

    With current face-to-face training, ROI is difficult to measure. By digitizing your training, you can track and measure your ROI with ease. BeauteSchool will provide detailed learner reports so you can watch your bottom line grow.

    The BeauteSchool team combines over 40 years of expertise in beauty and adult education. Some of their current notable clients include NARS, Shiseido, CHANEL and NeoStrata.

    In the words of a current client:

    “I think the CHANEL signature training courses…educate people on the woman and the brand. Those that are educated on the brand are able to sell with more authority and expertise, this combination increases sales.”

    To find out more about how BeauteSchool eLearning can reduce your training expenses and help you achieve your performance goals, contact them today.


  • Industry Experts
    We’re experts in beauty and adult education. We develop award-winning eLearning that helps you meet your performance objectives. With over 40 years of experience, we work with notable global clients such as NARS, Shiseido, CHANEL and NeoStrata.

  • “Training and coaching Beauty Advisors is my passion. As a veteran in the beauty industry, I know how important the role of a Beauty or Fragrance advisor is to the success of a brand. A successful Beauty Advisor is an ambassador - one who possesses the knowledge, skills, confidence and the drive to succeed.”

    Mickey Tortorelli, CEO and Founder of BeauteSchool Inc

    “Honored with a Gold Award For Training Excellence by the Canadian Society of Training and Development for her online training programs, Mickey is in high demand as a training and development expert, keynote speaker and facilitator.”

  • Unlimited Access
    Waiting around for instructor-led training can negatively impact your brand's performance. eLearning is available 'at the speed of need'; anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • “It was incredibly easy to access this website and it didn't take a lot of time, as I am doing this on my own time.”

    Cosmetic Manager of Lawton Drugs

    “It was really easy to access and the link in the email was perfect to let me know it was available.”

    Sales Associate at Shoppers Drug Mart

    “I love the easy, interactive way to learn about IBUKI!”

    Beauty Advisor

  • Save Thousands
    eLearning is an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution with updates that are fast, easy and readily available. Compared to instructor-led training, eLearning will dramatically reduce your training budget....

  • “Their personalized approach not only inspired confidence, but also generated the results we were looking for. The BeauteSchool team is highly responsive to all our requests and always delivers on time, within budget.”

    Anne Dubois, National Education Manager L’Oréal

  • Measure Success
    By digitizing your training, you can track and measure your ROI with ease. BeauteSchool will provide you with detailed learner reports so you can watch your bottom line grow.


  • “We have seen Eucerin sales increase by 30% in selected drug stores following the training program!”

    Nadia Dubuc, Brand Manager of Eucerin Beiersdorf Canada Inc.

  • Drive Sales
    Product knowledge drives sales. BeauteSchool expands your training radius to ensure all your learners are provided with the product knowledge they need to recommend and sell your brand with confidence....

  • “I thought that the training was very beneficial. I learned things that I didn't know about the line that now will increase my sales!”

    Cosmetic Manager

    "Fragrance consultants are more likely to push our brand vs. the competition due to having the right knowledge, increasing sales. The course motivates."

    Territory Manager of CHANEL

    “…the launch of Harajuku Lovers fragrance's online training program resulted in a dynamic interactive learning experience and tremendous sales results.”

    Aliki Mahshy, Training Director of Shiseido Cosmetics

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