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Green Value Added BEAUTY FARMERS

Beauty Farmers is a professional manufacturer and distributor of eyelash and hair extension related products from South Korea.

Since 2009, Beauty Farmers started as a fiber material distributor, and now OEM & ODM business in private label is our main business to export all products to overseas.

We are supplying various eyelash glues, eyelashes (mink, flat, color, volume, camelia, 3D/5D, Double layer lashes), lash lift perm products, removers, tweezers, hair wig, hook needles and other accessories and tools.

We are the high quality manufacturer and exporter for eyelash extension products. You deserve to use the right qualified products with highly competitive price.

Beauty Farmers are committing ourselves to reach the customer satisfaction and quality improvement as our continuous effort.

The mission of Beauty Farmers is to give healthy beauty to customers.

In this way, Beauty Farmers is not only professional for the people receiving the eyelash extension operation, but also the eyelash extension specialists using the lash related products most often.

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  • ** New released lash lift perm products **

    Beauty Farmers Eyelash Perming Curler is a very popular choice for best eyelash perm !

    Eyelash Perm is a semi permanent beauty procedure that creates a flipped up curl in your natural eyelashes.

    Eyelash perming seems like a miracle. it can make your natural lashes look perfectly curled !

    The eyelash perm will last the natural life cycle of your lashes, generally 2-3 months before a full new set has grown in.

    Getting a lash perm is a great idea for people with straight lashes, or those who frequently use eyelash curlers and false lashes.

    It takes only 28 minutes ! Lashes stay curled for 2-3 months ! Bye-bye eyelash curlers ! No irritation ! No damage ! You can have Perfect Volume !!


    ** How to use our lash lift perm products**
    1. Pick a Silicon perm Pad to make Curl.
    2. Use the BF Lash Lift Perm Glue to fix your eyelashes, so they can stick to the pad.
    3. Apply No.1 Cream on the fixed eyelashes. (We have new pouch type, jar and pumping type)
    4. Then apply No.2 Cream and wipe 15 min later. (Also we have new pouch type, jar and pumping type) and it's over !
    **  New Super Bonder **
    We launched new super bonder product !
    This new product can be used on real lash and you can take a shower, go to sauna or swimming pool after 1hour applied it.  
    You can use it on your real lash one by one after all the process of eyelash extension. On adhesion part of glue !
    It helps to dry any adhesive much faster. This will work with all adhesives and all types of lashes.
    Also it can help long lasting eyelashes. We heard it’s very sensational product especially in Europe nowadays ! 
    ** New hair extension educational video **
    Moreover, we launced our new hair extension educational video ! Waiting for your lots of attentions at the exhibition :)


  • Beauty Farmers' sensational Eyelashes and Glues
    Beauty Farmers' lash use only Korea PBT materials in production with the special heat treatment.
    It produces perfect curling. We have various eyelash(Mink, Flat, 3D/5D, Camelia, Double layer, Color) and glues for each level of lash artists....


    - BF Synthetic Mink Lashes are our most natural looking eyelash extension type. we have J,B,C,D curl.
    - BF Flat Lash does not even leave a single space between your lashes and it produce deeper and plentiful lashes with enormous softness.
    - BF 3D/5D Lashes have bloomed like a flower with dramatic volume.

    - BF Camelia Lash comes in trays with 3 combined length in each lines ready for therapists to create the perfect and natural Volume Fans.

    - BF Double Layer Volume Lashes two different curls mixed in one row are perfect for creating dramatic looking fans. Each row has 2 different curls giving lashes a       fluffy dramatic look.

    - BF Color Lash is a brown color lash that presents natural and innocent eyes. with the warm color of brown lashes, present some lovely eyes. 

      Every time your bright and cheerful eyes move, it produces a captivating look.

     * Beauty Farmers Glue information * 

     ** BF 1 fixer and BF 0 fixer are our best glues**

     BF Fixer Zero 

    (also have clear type)

     Perfect for volume lash extension. The fastest drying time & upgraded than BF Fixer 1.

     Adhesive 0.5 - 1 second!

     Bonding life should be over 4 weeks up to 5-6 weeks! For professional use only !

     BF Fixer 9 (NEW)

     By lower viscosity than BF1 fixer, super quick drying time compared to existing glues.

     It has the fast drying time 1 second and the longest bonding period. (Up to 5 weeks).

     Professional use only!  Perfect for classic extension!

     It sticks very well like magnetic!

     BF Fixer 1

     BF best glue. Suitable for Volume lash & one by one (classic extension).

     Adhesive 1-2 seconds! Little bit has a viscosity. 

     Bonding life should be over 4 weeks up to 5-6 weeks!

     BF Fixer 2

     Lower viscosity than BF Fixer 1. 

     Suitable for one by one Adhesive 2-3 seconds!

     Recommend for mid-level trainers!

     Bonding life should be over 4 weeks up to 4-5 weeks!

     BF Fixer 7

     Suitable for beginners. It’s safety glue. Safest than any other glue.

     More hypoallergenic. Recommended for Sensitive.

     Adhesive 4-5 seconds!

     Bonding life should be over 3 weeks up to 3-4 weeks!

     BF Fixer Mild

     Adhesive for beginner artist. With 4-5 seconds of drying time, it is suitable as a practice glue.

     Bonding life should be over 4-5 weeks. 

     BF Fixer X

     (Also we have 

      clear type)

     It has the flexibility with BF’s special ingredients. So eyelash can easily make up for the mistake.

     It is resistant to wind gusts, dust, and other environmental factors.

     Really good in humidity. 

     Of course the adhesion is powerful and long lasting. Adhesive 2-4 seconds!

     Bonding life should be over 4 weeks up to 4-6 weeks!

    * BF Remover *

    - GEL REMOVER (15ml) : It is a gel remover to remove false lashes quickly. It is a free acetone product that is free of irritations and removes the false lashes cleanly.

    - CREAM REMOVER (20g) : The lash BF cream remover is very soft and effective. You can feel that your lashes are cleansed and softened.

    - FRUIT CREAM REMOVER (15g) : Using the BF lemon & strawberry cream remover, a quick and thorough removal is possible with good smell.

    - BF GLUE ACCELERATOR (15ml) : Glue Accelerator speeds up the curing time of your glue. It helps the extension time shorter and lash extensions life longer.

                                                                  Apply on false eyelashes and make them fully dried before use.

For Technical Support and 1 to 1 Beauty Machmaking Questions, please contact support.          

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