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Henna Bee Brows, Natural Eyebrow Tint - Booth 42284

Henna Bee Brows eyebrow tint is a natural alternative to traditional eyebrow tints. Formulated with 75% plant-based ingredients, Henna Bee eyebrow tint contains no lead or ammonia and requires no oxidants or chemicals to activate. It is incredibly easy for spa professionals to work with as it only requires warm water to activate and takes only 20 minutes to give your clients buzzworthy brows that last 4-6 weeks.

In addition, many clients LOVE the Henna Bee look as it stains the skin beneath the eyebrow giving a fuller eyebrow appearance similar to micro blading but without the commitment. Typically the skin is stained for up to 2 weeks, while the eyebrow colour will last 4-6 weeks.

As a spa owner for 15+ years, a fully trained micro blade artist and self-proclaimed brow whisperer I have spent years searching for a natural product that would give my clients killer eyebrows without the commitment of micro blading or the harsh treatment of chemicals. I tried many different products and could not find one I liked so I created my own vegan formula, Henna Bee Brows, which I’m incredibly proud and excited to share with you and your clients.

Stop by booth 42284 to meet me, Adelle, and to see why Henna Bee eyebrow tint is the latest trend in eyebrows and a MUST HAVE for your clients.

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 Show Specials

  • Our Henna Bee Brow starter kit includes all the essentials you need to start offering your clients the Henna Bee eyebrow treatments.

    Included in your starter kit are:

    • Henna Bee training manual and certification
    • Access to our online BeeHive for training videos, marketing materials and more.
    • All 6 Henna Bee colours in a 3.6g bottle = 20-30 applications
      1. Light warm
      2. Light cool
      3. Medium warm
      4. Medium cool
      5. Dark warm
      6. Dark cool
    • Henna Bee applicator brush
    • Glass Dappen Dish
    • Display Shelf
    • H20 dropper
    • Bee Pampered foam cleanser

    Once the initial starter kit is purchased spa professionals will have access to our online store to purchase individual products and colours. Plus, spa professionals who complete our training certification will be added to our online store locator where clients can search for a certified Henna Bee profession near them. 


  • Henna Bee Eyebrow Tint Starter Kit
    The Henna Bee Eyebrow starter kit contains all of the essentials you need to start offering your clients the Henna Bee Brow service including all 6 Henna Bee colours, tools, display shelf, access to online training and more....

  • As the eye brow trend has grown with thanks to micro-blading I found many of my clients were nervous about committing to micro-blading but were looking for a similar result just with lower risk. I started to research brow alternative products and came across henna brows. I immediately began testing multiple henna brow products that were available but I  couldn’t find one I liked. They were either poor quality, difficult to apply or the results just were not good enough for me or my clients. So I decided to create my own Henna Brow product. I knew I wanted it to be as natural as possible and obviously Henna based so I reached out to the source and found a partner in India. Together we began a rigorous process of testing different formulations to find one that not only works well, but also looks great and is easy for spa professionals to work with. We even tested some existing “henna brow” products and they didn’t even contain henna – how crazy is that?!

    Over lots of trials and samples, I am confident we have found the best formulation!

    Henna Bee Brows lasts 6-8 weeks on the hair giving clients a fuller look and it also tints the skin up to 2 weeks giving a clean brow shape without the risk of micro-blading. The product is created with 75% natural ingredients and you will find it incredibly simple to use as no harmful oxidants are required, all you have to do is add warm water! 

    We have 6 colours to choose from:

    1. Light warm
    2. Light cool
    3. Medium warm
    4. Medium Cool
    5. Dark Warm
    6. Dark cool

    Our Henna Bee Brow starter kit includes:

    • Henna Bee Training Manual and Certification
    • Access to our online Bee Hive with training videos, marketing materials and more
    • All 6 Henna Bee Brow colours in a 3.6g bottle which equals 20-30 applications
    • Henna Bee applicator brush
    • Glass Dappen Dish
    • Display Shelf
    • H2O dropper
    • Bee Pampered Foam Cleanser

    We recommend booking 30 minutes for this service for clients. Based on average spa charges of $45 / 30 minutes each bottle could provide you with a minimum of $900 in revenue.

    Here’s the financial breakdown:

    • $45 x 20 applications = $900
    • $900 x 6 bottles = $4500 revenue

    If you remove the cost of the product you are looking at well over $4k in revenue right away!

    One more thing! Since we use natural ingredients, Henna Bee Brow does not require any oxidants or chemicals to activate. It also does not contain Lead or any Ammonias!

    Look forward to meeting you at booth # 42284

    Adelle Young


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