Besante by Susie Hassan Beauty

Huntington Beach,  CA 
United States
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Besante by Susie Hassan Beauty is a luxury skincare line using natural honey bee venom created by popular home shopping personality, Susie Hassan. Susie struggled with bad skin her entire life and hid under heavy makeup. Once she started noticing wrinkles, she felt pressured to get fillers and injections to look camera ready. She wanted a less invasive beauty procedure and went on a search for the closest natural solution to injectables. Then after an inspiring trip to Egypt, she learned about the incredible healing properties of bee venom. 

  As it so happened, afterward, a good friend introduced her to honey bee venom skincare derived from an Egyptian bee farm. From there, she decided to formulate a new skincare line featuring this new Egyptian honey bee venom ingredient shown to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Nicknaming it ‘Beetox,’ bee venom would become the base for her new natural skin care line as it was shown to help plump the skin and add volume as well as help skin appear more supple.

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