Bio Ionic

Hauppauge,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 20087

Bio Ionic develops luxury hair tools for professionals worldwide. Founded in 1997 by world renowned hair stylist and industry icon, Fernando Romero. Fernando discovered the science and power of harnessing natural negative ions while traveling in Japan. This discovery and exploration led him to develop Bio Ionic’s NanoIonic Mineral Technology. Each of Bio Ionic’s tools is infused with a blend of NanoIonic Minerals to hydrate hair from the inside out by emitting natural negative ions that drive water molecules deep into the cuticle, leaving hair healthy and hydrated. Now introducing Graphene -  Infused into the coils, the GrapheneMX™ is a proprietary complex of natural minerals and Graphene, the most effective heat conductor and ion-generator that deliver fast styling.

Brands: Bio Ionic, Bio Ionic Lux collection. Bio Ionic Gold Pro. Bio Ionic Graphene

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