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DRY MASKS, The New Millennial Frenzy

A non-drip, one step masking experience, packed with active ingredients, free of all the “unwanted” list, not tested on animals, 100% natural formulas, vegan and halal certified choices, travel friendly and reusable. Dry masks are simply the answer to today's consumer demand for easy to use skin care that delivers rapid, visible results without demanding application rituals or messy use. Waterless, colorful and fun; a must see at the show!

Biomod, the creator and only ODM for dry masks, invites you to preview and try the first full collection of market ready customizable Dry Masks. Hailed by the press and experts, embrace by skin care consumers, we supply the world's fast growing, innovative cosmetics and skin care brands with our unique masks, powered by our patented technologies.

We offer multiple formulas for women that can be decline in many different shapes, including face, neck and hands. Men will not be left behind, as we are launching a new beard mask!


Discover your brand’s next successful launch, Our Dry Mask are the new talk about product in the cosmetic industry! #DryMask #Biomod

Brands: Dry Mask Boutique presents the first full collection of market ready customizable Dry Masks | 6 formulas | NatureSource | SkinDetox | SelfieFix | HydraShield | AgeCorrective | CityProtect

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