Bivans Corporation

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 49361

Introducing the WORLD'S SMALLEST CARTON FORMER! Bivans Corporation has manufactured reliable, affordable, and versatile Cartoners in Los Angeles, CA, since 1952. The Model Mini50TT Table-Top Carton Former automates the process of hand-erecting retail unit cartons, reduces manual labor, and increases efficiencies, all with a fast payback. Bivans machines have been in the marketplace for decades, working in the most demanding of environments. Long life expectancy is a given. A long history, and being a small privately-owned company, enables Bivans to streamline manufacturing processes and pass those savings on to the customer. Modular cartoning options allow customers to decide how much automation and when. There are thousands of installations worldwide, with a strong emphasis on cosmetics and personal care facilities.

Brands: Tuck-O-Mat, Convey-O-Mat, Vertuck

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