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Inspired by the timeless beauty care philosophy of Ayurveda, CHIC CHIQ is an entrepreneurial journey of the discovery of Ayurveda.

Our mission is to unlock the secrets of Ayurveda and adapt them to our modern lifestyle and sensibilities through our beauty products.

CHIC CHIQ cosmetics use only carefully selected premium quality natural ingredients. With our back-to-basics approach to skin care, we encourage you to enjoy the bliss of slow beauty and to discover your own personalized beauty care ritual. 



  • Minimalistic Peel Off Face Masks & Scrubs
    CHIC CHIQ’s skin care follows the three basic rules of Ayurveda: cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing. We encourage you to find 15 minutes in a day just for yourself, to take a step back from life in the hectic and fast-paced modern world....

  • à la Rose Beautifying Peel Off Face Mask : A luxurious and beautifying mask infused with delicate rose petals and nettle for a healthy glow.

    Cleopatra’s go-to-solution for dry skin, the rose with its rejuvenating, anti-aging and mood enhancing properties has long been a luxurious ingredient in beauty care

    de la Mer Refreshing Peel Off Face Mask: A hydrating and nourishing anti-aging mask with Spirulina algae and lemon grass for fresh skin and a rejuvenated, youthful radiance.
    Reap the hydrating and nourishing powers of the sea with de la Mer. This anti-aging powder face mask provides just the boost you need when your skin requires extra nourishment and hydration for a refreshed look. The de la Mer uses Spirulina algae, rich in vitamins A and C, which is an effective anti-oxidant and detoxifies and delays effects of aging. The anti-inflammatory properties of Vervain helps in healing wounds and infections making the skin look fresh and young. Barleycontains selenium which preserves skin elasticity, tightens it making it feel toned and supple. The de la Mer is intended to balance a combination of Vata – Pitta and Pitta – Kapha doshas to leave your skin feeling softer, smoother and revitalized.

    Soirée Soothing Peel Off Face Mask:

    Planning an evening on the town? Our Soirée mask is the perfect preparation: It’s a cool, fresh, skin toning mask that’s perfect to give yourself a quick fix or a refreshing boost before a night out on the town. Soiréeshares a 5,000 year old tradition with the oldest cosmetics ever made. Mixing white nettlecorn petals and mallow flowers, this mask has soothing, moisturizing and toning properties, while also being antiseptic and anti-inflammatory so you look your best all night. The Soirée face mask is suitable for all skin types, while being especially suited for dry skin or before a long night out on the town. Apply twice per week as your own private ritual, and give your skin a refreshed and toned appearance.

    la Noce Revitalizing Peel Off Face Mask: 

    A modern take on a traditional soothing and revitalizing Indian Haldi face mask with turmeric, chickpea flour, milk and flower petals.
    The la Noce uses rare white turmeric which has long since been used in Ayurveda typically grows in Himalayan valleys in India and hand-picked once a year after the monsoon season. Chickpeaabsorbs excess of oil without drying the skin out, removes dead skin and unclogs pores thus preventing breakouts. Calendula petals (Pot Marigold) heals irritated skin, help fight signs of aging while hydrating the skin and stimulating natural collagen production. This carefully selected mix of ingredients is designed to balance a combination/sensitive Pitta dosha skin and oily Kapha dosha skin.

    Chocolat Cleansing Peel Off Face Mask: 
    An anti-oxidant face mask with cocoa powder, licorice and Multani Mitti to de-toxify the skin and clear excess oil for an even tone. Chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals, while also cleansing the skin and reducing discolorations. Multani Mitti has been used since ancient times for skin cleansing, and licorice root is a natural solution for fighting against skin blemishes caused by acne or excessive exposure to the sun. The Chocolat peel off face mask is especially helpful for people with Kapha (oily) skin, or anybody who wants to indulge in the otherworldy aromas of this natural chocolate skincare ritual.

    Aam Face Refreshing Face Scrub: Your first step in Ayurvedic skin care – a refreshing face scrub with rice and coconut sugar base to keep moisture in your skin, chickpea to gently cleanse pores and real mango fruit to nourish with vitamin cocktail of A, E, C and magnesium.
    Aam Face takes care of dry Vata skin dosha, sensitive/combination Pitta dosha skin and oily Kapha dosha skin.

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