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The company was founded seventy years ago when Romeo Cimarosti decided to open his own painting knife factory, originating at the time many innovative models and original designs now widespread on the market.
Romeo was inspired by his love for art and by the longstanding tradition of knife-forging that has made the town of Maniago famous worldwide.

In later years Romeo’s sons and daughters have followed in his footsteps implementing technology and design of the products alongside enriching the catalogue with new items. This has led the company to transition from the arts of painting to the art of makeup.

Our experience and attention to detail have allowed us to present a selection of makeup spatulas. Our craftsmanship and the technology we have developed throughout the years allow us to customize our products in shape and size
Their artisanal nature is pared with top quality materials. Finished product and all its components are Made in Italy.

In crafting our products we tend to every detail and strive to combine precision and accuracy with resistance and durability. Decades of experience and quality consistency have allowed our palette knifes to reach all around the globe.

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