Corporacion Life

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Corporación Life SAC is a Peruvian company leader in the manufacture and commercialization of beauty products in the professional market, which for 29 years has pursued excellence in the development of products for personal care and hair cosmetics.

Corporación Life was founded in 1987 under the name of Placenta Laboratorios, quickly becoming known for its high quality and excellent results hair blisters. The great acceptance of the brand led to the development of a wide variety of products for the needs of our customers.

In the following years, the company grew in technology and infrastructure. Now, with the name Corporación Life and a large family of more than 300 employees, it has included in its portfolio various products for personal care and beauty, handling more than fifteen highly competitive brands in the market.

Brands: Placenta Life: Be Natural, Keratimask, Amazonic, Radiant, Intense.

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