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Since 1986 COSMOMED develops innovative cosmetic and dermatological devices and products.
Specialized in exclusive electro-cosmetic products and
innovative anti-aging procedures that bridge the gap
between cosmetic and medical treatments and
professional applications. In 2016 we could proudly to
celebrate 30 years of Cosmomed. With IST! - Individual
Skin Technology Cosmomed presents a world novelty
that allows the production of an individual skin cream
based on a professional skin analysis and profound
measurement, i.e. ph value, sebum, humidity among
other parameters. The cream is produced:
Immediately. On site. With all comforts. Good training
is always worthwhile: as an important success factor
our own training center offers our clients seminars on
all our products, devices and treatment methods in
theory and practice. Based on over 30 years of
experience in medical cosmetic treatments,
Cosmomed can offer state of the art products, which
guarantees a successful, professional treatment with
fast results.

Brands: IST! Individual Skin Technology

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  • You can only provide an optimum skin care product when you know exactly the individual properties of your customer’s skin.For this purpose, IST! performs direct computer measurements of the following values: sebum, moisture and ph-value.
    These computer data are supplemented by information from a detailed questionnaire that you fill out with your customer. For example, distinctive skin features, abnormalities, allergies etc. are recorded and taken into consideration This information is digitalised and processed. A specialised IST! software program determines the optimal combination of ingredients to produce the skin care product for your customer’s unique skin. And it calculates the ideal product formula: The individual skin care formula for your customer’s skin.
    As calculated by the computer, the Creamer dispenses the concentrates into the base product to produce the optimal formula. The system can select among 17 active ingredient concentrations to add to the base. The amounts of the active ingredients are finely measured to produce a product suited exactly to the unique needs of your customer’s skin: Specially formulated for each customer’s unique skin:prepared instantly and exclusively for your customer, filled into an attractive jar specially labelled with your customer’s name, hygienically sealed and labelled with production date and specifics of contained concentrates (incl. INCI-nomenclature).


  • Individual Skin Technology
    For the first time we can now produce on site, within minutes a cream that the actual state of your client´s skin indicates us....

  • Introducing IST! – Individual Skin Technology.  The base is an individual skin analysis
    made with the Skin-o-mat. Step 1: measuring the pHvalue,
    the sebum and the moisture of the skin stating
    anomalies, skin irritations, etc. Step 2: The computer
    calculates out of billions possible formulations your
    actual individual cream. Step 3: The IST! device
    produces on site your individual 24hr cream using the
    best and most appropriate „state of the art“ ingredients
    and additives, according to the actual state of your
    skin. Just for you.
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