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Our cryotherapy machines use sub-zero temperatures to eliminate body fat, remove cellulite, and tone the skin to reverse the effects of aging.

With over 1 million treatments in more than 50 countries, come and see why people love our device. 

Treatments are safe, non-invasive, and pain free.

Our Cryo C-Life 21 machine was awarded the 2018 ProEsthetic Award for Best Esthetic Device in the High Tech Treatment category.  

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  • Voted Best Device by PROesthetic Magazine! 


    Our Cryo C-Life21 device has just won the award for Best Machine in the High-Tech Treatment category. This prize was awarded by 6 independent journalists and again underscores the effectiveness and safety of our material.

    The Cryo C-Life 21 is revolutionary because it combines - in a single device - 4 techniques that fight against skin aging.



    With subzero temperatures (as low as -10 ° C with the handpiece for the body; and as low as -3 ° C with the handpiece for the face), the thermal shock strengthens skin, reduces wrinkles, and initiates localized action on the adipocytes to reshape the body.


    This stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts that are very useful for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


    Makes it possible for the active ingredients contained in the care products to penetrate deeper into the skin for optimum results.


    By distributing a pleasant heat in the deeper layers of the skin, the technology changes the original structure of the collagen fibers that become smaller and multiply, making the dermis and the tissue stronger.



    This device can target all areas of the face, including double chin and neckline. It also tackles cellulite, stretch marks, and fat deposits.

    In summary, the device strengthens, tones, and reshapes the body. Cryo C-Life 21 therefore positions itself as the ultimate anti-aging device!

    You will see visible and measurable result from the very first treatment.

    The intelligent handpiece indicates the device when the skin no longer responds sufficiently to the treatment.


    Discover the Cryo C-Life 21 at our 21 Equipment booth at CosmoProf Las Vegas on July 28th - 30th. We will be happy to answer all your questions and perform complimentary demonstrations. And feel free to take before & after photos - we know you'll be amazed with your results!


    You can find more information on our website: https://www.21equipment.com/en/ and learn more about this super device; or schedule a consultation with Cécile Guislain. We are also available via the address joe@cryotonesculpting.com for all your questions.


    We hope to meet you soon.


    The Luno Team


  • Cryo C-Life 21
    Winner of the 2018 ProEsthetic Award for Best New Device in the High-Tech Treatment category.
    This cryotherapy device provides dramatic anti-aging results, eliminating fat and wrinkles instantly.

    • Aesthetic
      • BODY:  Eliminates stretch marks, wrinkles, and body fat (cryolipolysis), skin toning, breast toning.
      • FACE:  Rejuvenates aging skin; facelift.
    • Microcurrents
      • Low intensity currents firm the skin by stimulating the multiplication of fibroblasts.
    • Radiofrequency
      • Induces heat to reduce wrinkles by increasing density of collagen and elastin fibers.
    • Electroporation / PH 21 Waves 
      • Patented waveform causes skin pores to open allowing deep penetration of active gel ingredients.
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