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British Design. Global Style.

Since its birth in 1938, Denman has helped to create beautiful, brilliant hair. From our humble roots of a brother creating a brush to help his sister style her hair to the tool used by superstar hairdressers to create the iconic bob, the elfin crop or just big beautiful curls, our tools continue to help transform hair in over 60 countries around the world.


Founded by Northern Irish native, John Denman Dean brought the manufacturing back to Northern Ireland in the UK where almost our entire range is still made and hand-finished today. Owned and stewarded by the Rainey family, we continue to demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to quality and innovation.  Working alongside world-leading stylists, our products are designed and made by the same teams who develop state of the art equipment and tools for the military and aerospace industries.


Brands: Denman, Jack Dean, Tangle Tamer, ProEdge, Squargonomics, Head Huggers, Robbo, Starflite, Black Diamond, Magicap

 Press Releases

  • Working in the depths of the secret Denman laboratory, highly skilled brush technicians have managed to create two super power detangling brushes – the mighty and powerful Tangle Tamer Ultra and the strong but soft Tangle Tamer Gentle – and together this super duo are ready to eliminate the misery and pain of the evil tangle wherever they may be.

    Tangle Tamer Gentle – ‘No more tangles and no more tears’

    The Tangle Tamer Gentle is the latest detangling development from Denman that effortlessly glides through tangles leaving wet or dry hair feeling smooth, sleek and detangled. Utilizing Denman’s unique ‘Soft Brush’ technology, the ‘Tug-free’ Tangle Tamer Gentle is designed to tackle the evil knots and malicious tangles in hair that’s fine, medium or super baby-fine with no tugging and no tears.

    The Denman ‘soft-brush’ technology consists of an air cushioned pad that rides the contours of the head while super-soft ball-ended bristles, glide through the hair to gently remove tangles.   Available in four distinct ‘this-is-my-brush’ colours, the Tangle Tamer Gentle is the hero brush the sensitive scalped and tearful tangled child has been waiting for.

    Tangle Tamer Ultra – ‘Too tough for even the toughest tangles!’

    For those with thicker unruly hair there’s the super-powerful detangler, the Tangle Tamer Ultra.  This no-nonsense detangling brush has the power and strength to take on the toughest tangles in even the thickest and unruly hair and bring it under smooth and complete control. Like all Denman Tangle Tamer brushes, the Ultra has clever dual-length pins that tease out knots and bring wayward hairs into line. And as with Denman’s other Tangle Tamers, can be use on wet or dry hair, to blow-dry, to style and to finish.

    The Denman Tangle Tamers – Gentle and Ultra – both have a comfortable sure-grip handles and bristles designed to glide through knots and tangles with ease and speed, leaving your hair smooth, sleek and feeling wonderful!  


    For more information on the D93 Tangle Tamer Gentle or D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra or other Denman products please contact

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  • Denman D3
    The benchmark of British hairbrush design, our Denman D3 is loved around the world. Our unique sculpted pins deliver the ultimate in controlled styling and natural curl definition....

  • What does it do?

    The definitive hairbrush, the D3 styles, shapes, defines curls, detangles and smooths the hair.

    What is it best for?

    ·         Styles Requiring Control & Defining Wet Curls

    How does it work?

    ·         Seven rows of sculpted round-ended nylon pins separate, shape hair and define curls when hair is wet 

    ·         The styling edges of the half-round brush create tension when shaping the hair during blow-styling 

    ·         Unique pin pattern provides deliver extra grip and tension  

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