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Korea (South)
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Dermal Korea is 17 year of accumulated technology Cosmetics manufacturing company based on a deep understanding of the brand One stop from concept planning to manufacture production process. The system delivers the best results.

Our expertise in the field of cosmetics and know-how and technology accumulated over many years create the best results.

We are a constantly working and growing company to provide greater satisfaction to our customers.

Dermal Korea has a competitive research technology through the development of products of about 100 brand products.

We have developed global standards such as Korea, USA, Japan, China providing ODM / OEM service for each national standard.

Dermal Korea produces 35 million mask sheets per month. We possess the most advanced machinery equipment in Korea and has the largest mask pack production system in Korea.

We produce products that meet customer needs and customer satisfaction.

Brands: Dermal, Dermal Shop, Yeppen Skin


  • Dermal It's Real Superfood Mask 16 Types
    Healthy food intake for beautiful and healthy skin
    16 different skin health supplements!
    'Real Super-adhesion Sheet Mask '...

  • Taking the world by storm, Superfood Syndrome!

    [Oats, Garlic, Broccoli, Blueberry, Spinach, Almond, Salmon, Tomato, Beet, Avocado, Coconut, Rice, Honey, Artichoke, Spirulina, Kefir]

    An energy bottle containing 16 different fresh natural extracts makes your dry and weary skin full of energy and keeps it clean and healthy.

    Absolutely non-substitutable! SUPERCELL SHEET. This sheet perfectly adheres to the face with 10 times higher moisture retention than regular facial masks, delivering moisture deep into the skin. 


    -. Delivers diverse natural nutrients to the skin and keeps it firm and supple for Skin elasticity and Wrinkle-care

    -. A perfect mix recipe, brightening the dark and dull skin tone for Brightening, Luminous and Glowy skin

    -. Soothes dry, sensitive skin caused by stress or external stimulation and keeps it soft and invigorated for Vibrant and Healthy skin

    -. Intensive care of pores widened by blackheads, sebum and keratin and keeps the skin smooth and soft 

    [How to Use]

    One-week intensive care for dry, coarse skin!Healthy and glowy skin through 1 facial mask a day!

    Special moisturizing with just one facial mask on the day before a wedding or another big event!

    Moisturizing 2-3 times a week in winter or when the skin is very dry and coarse Keeps skin moist and clean!

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